Monday, June 20, 2016

#BookmarkMonday (1): Laugh It Up Fuzzball

Another day, another meme! And what's a better fit for me than #BookmarkMonday?

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My gosh, you guys, my bookmark collection is *huge*. If I don't have more bookmarks than books, than it's a close call. I'm so excited to share them with you -from the awesome, to the weird and the random, to the downright nostalgic. (Seriously, why have I never thought of this before?)

First up, I have to share one of my all-time favorites:

It may be a tiny bookmark, but that makes it the perfect size for my paperback Star Wars books! I don't like my bookmarks that poke out at the top or bottom too much because, like I said, I love my bookmarks and don't want to see them bent or torn or crumpled when I tote my books around. (Yes. It's possible I would cry.)

My sister -ridiculously talented as she is- made this for me as a birthday gift last year. Thanks again, sis!

Are you a bookmark person? Or a person who views everything as a potential bookmark?


  1. Love bookmarks!
    But unfortunately my bookmark making skills extend to just printing them out to small bookmark size and lamenating them with clear box tape.
    Scraps of paper and discarded pieces of tapes later, I have my little masterpiece. Which then gets stolen by friends who find my little masterpieces in books I've lent them.
    The last one was in the shape of a peanut.
    On one side it read: No more rhymes now I mean it!
    On the flipside, it read: Anybody want a peanut?

    1. I love that. That's now one of my dream bookmarks. ^_^
      Personally, I don't have much bookmark-making skills. Tried with Cricut printouts a few times, but always used too much glue, so they get rippled and weird. :P Your way sounds pretty nifty. Might have to give it a try some time!

  2. OMG! Love it! I squealed a little bit inside, honestly, 'cause sooo cute!

    By the way, you have an amazing and talented sister :)

    1. I have an inherent weakness for chibi characters. (Especially chibi Chewie's tiny bandolier! ^_^)

      Thanks, I'll let her know!

  3. You're an amazing fuzzball! I'm so glad you found the meme because I'd love to see your collection! :)

    1. I can honestly say I never expected to be called a fuzzball. But I never expected it to sound so nice, either. I'm keeping it. Hope you enjoy the collection!
      -Amazing Fuzzball.

  4. So cute! I don't have a ton of bookmarks because I read so much on my Kindle, but the ones I do have are special to me. This looks like a very special one too. I love that you have the little Star Wars section going on there on the shelf.