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What Makes the Ever Afters So Special to You? | Ever Afters Blog Party!

This is the final day of the Blog Party! and I just want to thank all of you, so much, for joining me. Thanks to you, it turned out spectacularly!

A special shout-out to May V, who was willing to hunt out contributors and spread the word about this crazy scheme.

And a big thanks to everyone who contributed. You were the ones who made it fun. ;)

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
And we're finally at the very top. So what's my very favorite of the all the character playlist songs? New Low by Middle Class Rut, from Chase's list. It's writhing with desperation, frustration, and determination. It's not really a feel-good song, but it embodies so much feeling. The reason it tops this list is how perfectly I think it illustrates that side of Chase that only he and Rory see.
Again, this is a song you'll want for the finale.

Quote of the Day
Of Witches and Wind, pg 386

What Makes the Ever Afters So Special to You?

This is a darn good series. I love everything about it -from the fairy tales, to the friendships, to the character development, to the humor, to the detailed foreshadowing that will blow your mind. This is everything I've ever wanted in a story, but haven't found in one place until now.

These are my Book Soul Mates.

For me, so much of what I love about this revolves around the characters. You know when they talk about characters that jump off the pages? Are larger than life? That's what Rory, Chase, and Lena are to me. They've taken me on a fantastic journey and they feel like my very own friends. These stories make me want to be braver, more daring, and more adventurous, but they also make me want to love more, be kinder, and enjoy what I have. The good and the bad qualities in these three help me face my own good and bad sides, and they make me want to become better for it. I may not have to face trials like taking on an entire troll court single-handed, but because Rory did it, I feel like I could, too.

So bring on the troll court. I can take it.

And that's the deep philosophical question of the week. Take the floor, ladies.

May V:
The Ever Afters is my favourite series for many reasons. Seriously, I love it so much! Maybe too much.
The plot, the characters, the author, and even my fellow readers all make it a huge part of my life. I mean, the reason I am who I am today is because of reading The Ever Afters. 

However, before reading Of Giants and Ice, I never actually liked books. I always thought they were boring and a waste of time.
(I know, I know. You're all saying, "HOW DARE YOU!")
When I was in sixth-grade (or Grade 6), I was so afraid to stand out and be different because it seemed like everyone was supposed to act the same way. So I didn't stand out. At all. 
"You look out the window and wonder when the good stuff happens--when your life gets jump-started. You might not be sure what that real life will be, but you know that this isn't really it."
-Rory Landon, OGAI. (Page 1.)
Soon, school was out and it was the summer before seventh-grade. While I was cleaning my room,  I found a book on my old, dusty table.
The cover read,"Of Giants and Ice." At first I thought, "Ew. It's a book." I looked at the illustration of three kids holding swords. They are actually smiling, I thought. They have swords...that means they're fighters. They're brave! I read the back page, thinking, This book is different. They're different.
I guess you could say that's when my life actually began. 

I started reading. I read all night, and I didn't care.
The Ever Afters is special to me because it changed me. I started to look at the world with new eyes, as if magic could be anywhere. As if I even had some magic in myself. 
(I guess that's why I love Rory so much. I was a lot like her.)
My life would change, I promised myself, starting now.
"Your life starts when you start taking matters into your own hands--no matter how scared you might be." 
-Rory Landon, OGAI. (Page 343.)
Pretty soon, I became addicted to books. I called myself a fangirl and a dreamer.
The following school year, I became more confident in myself. I don't even care if people judge me for loving books. Whenever I felt doubt, or that I thought that I wasn't good enough, I remembered Rory--no matter what challenges she went through, she always had courage and did what she believed in.
If she can believe in her own story, I can too.
Haley R:
The Ever Afters series has been one of my favorite series for a couple of years now and for good reason.  Not only does it have some of the most engaging books I've ever read, I have an emotional connection to a lot of the characters and would physically cry if some of them die.  I never cry reading book or watching movies.  One reason I love the series is that I see myself in a lot of the characters.  Lena's slightly nutty love for science and inventing.  The way that Maggie is overly cheerful to cover up the fact that she's hurting.  The way Rory is kind of afraid about what her future will hold but she faces it bravely nonetheless.  Ben's great puns.  Sherah's/Chatty's mischievousness.  Chase's love for food.  How Lena is sometimes made fun of for her brain.  The way Rory wants to protect her family and friends.
Clare R.
Why I love the Ever Afters. First off, it’s full of fairy tales, which I love. Also, the main character, Rory, is someone you can relate to. I really love Rory with her optimism and spirit 😊 I also love how it’s a kid's book, yet it touches on deeper meanings of friendship and failure and deception and disappointment and much more. I love the humor, the other characters, the plot, and genre, and basically everything about it! It’s everything I could ask for in a book and more! 

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A goodbye party with their new friends!

So, my party guests, one final question before the music stops:
What makes The Ever Afters special to YOU? 

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OEAE Predictions | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Can you believe Of Enemies and Endings hits the shelves tomorrow? Whose already pre-ordered a copy?
We're going to bring The Ever Afters finale in right. Today, we're sharing pet theories and predictions of what's going to happen before the end.

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
#2 in the Character Playlist Countdown is something you'll want to have on hand when you start reading OEAE. Apres Moi by Regina Spektor comes from Solange's playlist. It's intense, unpredictable, moving, and operatic. It's flamboyant and frightening at the same time, like The Snow Queen herself.

(It's also fun to pair it with Hero by Regina Spektor, a song on Rory's playlist. Ms. Bach talked about how much it helped her write the characters for the villain and hero to have complimentary songs by the same artist.)

Quote of the Day

Of Enemies and Endings Predictions

Some of you know that I've already read and reviewed OEAE, but don't panic. These are predictions I wrote up before then, I just decided to save them for the Blog Party! In other words, they're still spoiler-free.

Hold onto your hats, because these are all...intense.
  • Solange will attempt to prove once and for all that Rory is just like her. She's already stated as much throughout the series, like in OWAW (pg 352) "I was the direction your life was headed...you would have become me, if you had lived." I suspect this will happen by Solange attempting to draw a final parallel between her and Rory.
  • This final parallel could be tragic. Possibly involving Chase. Consider this other line from OWAW (pg 50) when Rory finds Sebastian "The stone soldier was looking sidelong, a sad smile forever frozen around his mouth, his shoulders hunched forward -he'd been protecting something when the spell had hit him, something precious. Or maybe someone."
  • Someone will try to revive Sebastian.
  • We'll get to find out more about Solange and her Tale and her journey to becoming evil.
So there are some of my predictions for Of Enemies and Endings.

What about your favorite pet theories? Share them now!

Haley R:
  • Sebastian will be unfrozen and will have some part in the Snow Queen's demise.
  • Hansel will die.
  • The Snow Queen's heart is in a box and by finding the box, Rory or someone will kill her.
  • This isn't exactly mine but I agree with it. I think that Adelaide will be using the wishing coin to influence Chase in some way.
  • Sherah will get legs or something that gives her legs.
Aurora H:
I have a pet theory that I don't think can actually canonically come to pass, but I'll share it anyway.
That a member of the Canon will give up their golden apple during the war to a fatally injured person, and then go out on the battlefield and die.
My top candidate is the Director, going out to confront Solange. Cue the emotional drama, friendship and betrayal talk, and Mildred gets a blast of ice to the heart.
Second choice is Hansel, who saves Rory from impending doom, and dies with a remark about her swordwork. 
Both of those would likely turn to dust before being able to confront, but that would still be feelsy enough, just them giving up their apple. In my opinion.
So many possibilities!

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Lena's getting tired of Rory's denial.

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Tomorrow is the very last day! Don't miss your chance to share What Makes The Ever Afters So Special To You.

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Favorite Scene/Moment | Ever Afters Blog Party!

So glad you're back! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It's Day 5, here at The Ever Afters Blog Party!, and the weather is looking sunny with a chance of fangirling. I have something super, super cool for you today, so let's get started!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
It's an unfortunate truth that people in your life are going to judge you, whether they have the right to or not. I was experiencing a situation like this when I first really listened to #3 in the countdown, That's Alright by Laura Mvula from Lena's Playlist. There was a line that reached out and grabbed me.

Who made you the center of the universe?
Who made you judge and jury over me?

Now this is one of my fighting songs. I turn it up when I feel like I'm being judged unfairly or that I'm not meeting the approval of someone whose opinion shouldn't matter to me any way. Plus, it's such a fun and bouncy beat!

Quote of the Day:

What is your Favorite Scene or Moment in the series so far?

I had to pick two:

My first favorite scene is the ending from Of Witches and Wind. The adventure is over, things are getting back to normal, Rory figured out how best to stand up to her homeroom bullies -and then Chase shows up. Given that a good chunk of the story line was focused on Rory's fear that she didn't matter as much to her friends as they did to her, that moment that Chase walks into her homeroom class in the midst of Madison and her KATs makes me giddy. Every. Time. Forget the Chaurora factor; Chase is just an awesome friend.

"So? Good surprise or bad surprise?"
"Good surprise. Definitely good."
-page 386

Of course, I have to say the scene at Titania's ball in Of Sorcery and Snow.

"Rory, your shoes look the least dangerous." Chase grabbed my hand. His palms were hot. "You're with me."
-page 108

Chase is so adorable, trying not to be obvious, and Rory's mostly clueless.

It wasn't the enchantment. Chase is what made me like this so much.
page 111 

It's just so perfect and awkward and adorable!

I realize these are both basically Chaurora scenes. I didn't think I was quite that obsessed about the pairing, but I know if I were to list my favorite scenes in OGAI and OEAE, they would be centered on Chase and Rory too. Hopefully, the more I read the series, the more favorite moments and characters I'll find. That's the best thing about a series that's still so much fun the fourth or fifth or even fiftieth time -you'll be in a different place in your life, with a different mindset, so you'll always find a new favorite part.

Clare R
My favorite scene/moment is… well, besides Chapter 7… Rory had just killed Mark, and was really depressed, and then Chase comforted her with his story and the world turned right again XDXDXD. It was a simple moment, but revealed a lot about Chase’s character and was just so Chaurora. 
See? It's not just me. Chaurora. ;)

Jon T.
My favorite scene is when Rory and Chase face off with the dragon in its cave in Yellowstone. For a novice, and her first encounter with a dragon, Rory did a kickin job of responding to the dragon's attack and saving Chase and herself. Way to go Rory. Then George dispatched the dragon. What a team.

What's better than talking with fellow Characters about your favorite scenes? Hearing what the author's favorite scenes are. ^_^
Shelby Bach stopped by to share a few of her all-time favorite scenes from the series, so sit back and enjoy!

It’s impossible for me to pick one all time favorite scene in the series, so instead, I selected a handful! (Disclaimer: These picks are FULL of spoilers….)

Of Giants and Ice

The scene at the end of Lena’s Tale, when Jimmy Searcaster climbs on to the beanstalk, trying to catch the Triumvirate, and helping Chase down, she knows they won’t make it down in time.
You can click on the image to enlarge it!

This was one of the first scenes I imagined for the series, and I looked forward to writing it the WHOLE time I was drafting Of Giants and Ice.

Of Witches and Wind
The scene in the Glass Mountain, right after Rory and Chase rescue Ben, when Mia is chasing them. 

I can’t read this part without giggling!

Of Sorcery and Snow
The scene when Chase uses that wishing coin in the Snow Queen’s dungeon.

This scene was not in the outline. Actually, I didn’t realize how important it would to be the book—to Chase’s character development in general—until the idea struck me one Sunday.

I planned to just jot down some notes on some index cards. I ended up filling eleven with the whole scene. It didn’t even need much revising in the next few drafts.

Of Enemies and Endings
Ahhh, so many favorites! And I can’t share any of them in detail, because they are major spoilers. So, I’ll just have tell you where they are in the book:
  • The last six pages of Chapter 13: They never fail to make me emotional.
  • Lena on pages 361 and 362: Lena proves—yet again—that she is made of awesome.
  • The library and courtyard scenes at the end of Chapter 23: The day after I finished the first draft of OE&E, this scene was still bugging me. So, I went back and rewrote it, and now, I grin whenever I reread it.
A big thanks to Ms. Bach for playing along! Now who is UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED to read Of Enemies and Endings?!

Two days.

That's it.


Ever Afters Dolls Giveaway
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They were tired out from their adventures, so I used my sly photo-taking skills to get some close-ups of the details. You can see Lena's hair is actually braided and strung with beads; Rory has a tiny patch of the Ever After School crest; Chase even has pockets on his cargo pants; Rory's sweatshirt was made with exacting detail; need I even mention HOW AWESOME LENA'S CONVERSE ARE?!
Each doll bears the Lazy Blue Daisy trademark on the back of their foot. ^_^

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Tomorrow we're talking OEAE Predictions to get you PUMPED for the book the day after that. This is it. We're getting so close. Can you feel it?

All right, party guests -Do you have a favorite scene or moment from the series?

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Favorite Characters to Despise | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
#4 on the Countdown is another from Chase's list. Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event is just fun to listen to, and even more fun to sing out loud. (Seriously, karoake, anyone?)
But it definitely speaks to Chase's character, too; this is great on repeat for reading through OWAW when Rory's trying to figure out whether she even knows the real Chase at all.

Quote of the Day:
Of Witches and Wind, pg 371

Who is your Favorite Character to Despise?

For me, this is Mildred Grubb, the Director of Ever After School. I know that's weird because, after all, it's not like she's a bad guy. Her driving goals are to keep the kids safe and to make sure Solange doesn't succeed in taking over the world.

Good guy, right?

But she irks me. She's always making things difficult for everyone, she doesn't look at the big picture, she won't give the Triumvirate the knowledge they need to properly prepare, she refuses to see past her own misconceptions, and she doesn't trust Rapunzel despite how many times Rapunzel has proved she's trustworthy. She's trying so hard to protect EAS that I feel like she's actually hindering them. Things would be so much easier for everyone if Mildred would just learn to trust the right people.

I know she has her good qualities, too, and that she's been through her share of horrors, but... *shrugs*

So Mildred is the character I despise most because she let's her personal past and problems hinder the present and the future.

Clare R:
My favorite character to despise is Adalaide. She’s Rory’s foil, and is just the perfect character to hate because she’s mean and bratty and obnoxious and blah.
She's Rory's foil... Ooh, I love that description, Clare!

Haley R:
Fael.  Definitely Fael.  Not only is he completely immature and haughty despite the fact he's several hundred years old, he is also a complete jerk.  What kind of person locks a kid in a tomb as a prank? He scars Chase for life and repays him by sending Rory to LA on what he thinks is an impossible quest.  He also doesn't see through the fact that Touralath is using him to bring back one of the Snow Queen's pillars which shows that he's not really that smart.
This is totally off-topic but I always found it interesting that Ms. Bach made Fael an actual Turnleaf because Fael turned backwards is leaf.
Fael... Turnleaf... HOLY COW. *mind blown*
Thanks for the trivia, Haley!

Aurora H:
My favorite character to despise has to be Madison, leader of the KATs. Though there are plenty of annoying and evil characters in these series, Madison is one of the most personally relatable, because while we don't all have a neighborhood snow queen or Fey prince around, many of us have annoying popular girls who will do anything to humiliate someone who crosses them. (Kind of like the whole Umbridge vs. Voldemort issue from HP, where we despise Umbridge more because we can personally relate to the trials presented by a malicious teacher, but not so much an evil spellcasting cult leader.)
She's petty and vapid and overall irritating with no real redeeming qualities, and her comeuppance of sorts in the end of OWAW was quite satisfying.
Good answers, every one!
One of the things I love about the series is how completely human the characters are. They have their good qualities and their bad qualities and, like with Mildred, just because someone's a hero doesn't necessarily mean they're likable.

Ever Afters Dolls Giveaway
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I finally convinced them to wind down
with a couple of my favorite books.

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Don't forget the epic giveaways over on Shelby Bach's blog! She's got tons of fantastic prizes, so definitely head over there if you haven't been yet.

And don't miss Favorite Scene/Moment coming on Sunday!

Right, all you behind the screens -yeah, you!- tell us which character you truly despise in the series. Is it the Snow Queen or the spoiled Prince Fael or someone else entirely?

Bonus question:
Who's your favorite Minor Character?

Personally, this is a tough call between Rapunzel and Iron Hans. I love Rapunzel's mixed up way of talking and her relationship with Rory, but I like poor old Hans, living out in the middle of nowhere, and the unlikely friends he and Chase make. My dream story is... Well, it concerns something mentioned in OEAE. On page 107. So when you read that, that's the story I'm dying to read.

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Favorite Character | Ever Afters Blog Party!

It's day three already! And do you know what that means? Five days to Of Enemies and Endings!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour I participated in last November.
#5 comes from Solange's playlist. I fell in love with her songs, because they all had such bursting music, powerful singing, and a quality both gorgeous and haunting. The World is Not Enough by Garbage, in particular, is eerie and stunning. Before you go any further, experience the chill factor and gear up for Solange's final move on June 30th.

Quote of the Day:
Of Witches and Wind, pg 175
This is still one of my favorite Chase lines. He's just like, Gosh, Rory, you found out my big secret a day ago and YOU ALREADY FORGOT?

Favorite Character

So who's your favorite character? Or maybe your top two, if you can't narrow it down. ;)

You might have gotten the hint, but my favorite, hands down, has always been Chase Turnleaf. I first liked him because he's funny and cocky, but even in the beginning of OGAI, you could tell there was a good kid under the jerk side -somewhere. I loved watching his and Rory's friendship develop up the beanstalk; it's still one of my favorite storytelling bits of ALL TIME, seeing them go from enemies to best friends.

As the series develops, I love his fierce devotion to his friends. He might make fun of Lena and Rory sometimes, but he doesn't let anybody else say bad things about them, and he'll defend them from anybody, even his idolized dad. He's not only self-confident, but he's confident about his friends. He pushes them to be better, because he knows what they're capable of, and he builds their own self-confidence. He's half coach, half cheer squad, and he definitely makes Rory a better person (and vice versa).

His personal development in OWAW blows me away every time. To see what he was and what he became, to know what he went through to fight for what he wanted. The fact that after all that, he can still laugh and look at the world with so much optimism shows such incredible personal strength. Plus, wings. And magic. And a secret back story. Story magic, right there.

And, okay, he's totally sweet with Rory. Do I need to bring up OSAS chapter 7 again? Not only that, he acts as a pillar for Rory. He makes her laugh, he pushes her to be the best she can, but he supports her, too, and he usually knows what to say to make her feel better or make sense of things. He can simultaneously protect her and support her and I love that.

May V. says:
My favourite character is Rory Landon because no matter what challenges she faces, whether it's in the fairytale world or in the real world, she does whatever it takes to do the right thing. Sometimes Rory just freezes and stands there, unsure of what to do, but she always pushes away her fears in the determination to help others.
I also admire her because I feel that I can relate to her. She used to feel that the life she was living wasn't actually the life she was supposed to live. But when she tried something new, her life became more exciting for her.
I admire Rory for her bravery, selflessness, kindness, understanding, determination, and strength. Hopefully, one day, I can be like her.
To be like Rory Landon is a good goal indeed! She's got so many fantastic traits and -I have to agree, May- she's easy to relate to. Watching her deal with her fears and insecurities helps me face my own. This is one reason I plan to give this series to all of my niblings (nieces and nephews) because Rory Landon especially, but also so many of the other characters, would be spectacular role models for kids. Plus, they're just darn good books!

And this just in from Brookanna:
My favorite character in the Ever After series is Chase. Putting aside the whole part-fae thing (which is awesome), Chase is a great, relatable character. He wants things that most people want - popularity, a reputation, pretty girls…and while he sometimes loses sight of what's really important, it doesn't take much to remind him that loyalty and heroism are more worthwhile in the long run. As the series continues, he develops into a stronger character with a more accurate moral compass, kind of the way we all hope to develop in our own lives. Another great aspect to Chase's character is the way he wants to distinguish himself after living in his father's shadow. He wants so badly to make his mark, but to a large extent he feels like his destiny is out of his control (a feeling most of us can relate to). Chase doesn't wallow in self-pity - he exercises discipline and develops the skills that he will need when he does get his big chance, so that when his Tale does come, he is ready for it, and ready to make the most of it.
What she said. ^^ Chase Turnleaf for the win!

Ever Afters Dolls Giveaway
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Apparently Chase convinced them to scale the bookshelves using yarn as rope. He didn't realize this form doesn't have wings. Poor Chase. Still not sure how he convinced Rory to climb up...

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And don't forget the epic giveaways over on Shelby Bach's blog! She's got tons of fantastic prizes, so definitely head over there if you haven't been yet.

And don't miss tomorrow's Favorite Character to Despise

Are you guys having fun yet? Give me a shout and tell me who your favorite character(s) is!

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Favorite Book | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Welcome to the second day of the glorious festivities! Here's your party hat.

Top 7 Countdown
The playlist for Chase Turnleaf is, hands down, my favorite. You'll see a lot of those songs on this countdown. First up, at #6, Kings of Leon with Use Somebody:

Quote of the Day:
Of Giants and Ice, pg 340

For today's fan project, we'll be analyzing the individual books to answer one very specific question. Which one is your favorite so far? I know it's hard. There's so many good parts in all of them!

Personally, my favorite has to be Of Witches and Wind. I still can't get over the reveal of Chase's secret, and the dramatically different side of him we get to see here. This development, and how it pushes and challenges Rory, still blows me away, three rereads later. Plus, they get stuck in Atlantis together and get some more bonding time, which I love. There's also the other side of the story, with Rory and her dad, and how it's so perfectly integrated into the fairy tale side. I've always loved that Rory had to step out of Atlantis and finish part of the quest in Hollywood, and it heaps so much more on to her emotional development to have all that stuff happening at once. I feel like it has a lot more drama with Chase's side of the story, but it still retains all it's fun qualities. Basically, things are starting to get serious, but they're not too serious yet. Add in Chatty, Ben, their awesomely corny jokes, IRON HANS, and my very favorite scene at the end where Chase walks into her homeroom class -yep. OWAW is my favorite. ;)

What's Your Favorite Book?

Aurora H. says
Favorite book is so very difficult. But I'd have to say OWAW. Because though OSAS was the most heartbreaking emotional rollercoaster OWAW's character and plot development blows me away every time I read it. 'Nuff said.
Clare R
My favorite book of the series is Of Sorcery and Snow. The reason: Chaurora. There are other reasons, but that one’s very prominent.

And from Haley R
My favorite book of the series is Of Witches and Wind, which is funny because for the longest time it was my least favorite book.  It was just that I had figured out the Chatty and Mia thing in the first few chapters, so I always thought it was blatantly obvious.  It's not, but that always annoyed me a bit.  When I've reread it recently, though, I realized what a masterfully written book it is.  So much happens in the book and it never really even occurred to me.  In Of Giants and Ice, Rory was a strong character, but in Of Witches and Wind she's even stronger.  She is completely integrated in EAS, and it shows.  She is comfortable there, and though she probably doesn't know as much as Chase, she can find her way around fairly well.  It's also the book where Chase's big secret (one of them anyway) is revealed.  With the information that he's half-Fey in my mind, I'm reading OGAI and noticing things I never really counted as important, but now it's obvious that it is actually about his heritage.  Another part I found interesting is that OWAW focuses on Rory's dad and Brie and her relationship with them.  In the first book, the two characters are mentioned but they don't really have a large role.  We get to see the other side of Rory's family and watch her grapple with the fact that her dad is engaged and didn't even tell her. Rory also thinks that she's not strong enough to battle the Snow Queen, but she not faces her fears and doubts, she beats them.  
      Another important part of Of Witches and Wind is the introduction of a sort of gray area.  In Of Giants and Ice, everything is pretty black and white.  The Snow Queen is bad, EAS is good.  Pretty simple.  In OWAW, though, it becomes a little more complicated than that.  First, Chase and Rory meet Iron Hans. Considered one of the worst villains, they are surprised to find that he is actually... nice.  He says that he was once friends with Solange, which is why he helped her.  He also has the tale of the White Snake which reminds me of Evan and the problems he had with his Tale.  This lends a bit of familiarization to him and helps with sympathizing.  Then, they learn about the Snow Queen's past.  She was not always the horrible person they now know.  Her sister is Rapunzel, whom Rory is fairly close to and really likes.  Solange's mother died when she was younger, in the French Revolution, and both of her best friends were taken away when she was sixteen.  That would be enough to make anyone bitter.  They begin to realize that everything isn't always going to be clear-cut and even the people they thought were terrible might just be perceived that way, or it could be because of their circumstances
Sorry, that was really long.
No apologies necessary! This is a Blog Party; if we can't fangril here, where could we?

Thanks for stopping by again, fellow Characters! Before you go, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY. This is, unfortunately, only open to citizens of the US. And if you haven't seen it, Shelby Bach is also doing a massive and magnificent batch of giveaways on her blog.

This giveaway will end on the 30th of June and I will announce the lucky winner on the 1st of July. The giveaway is only open to residents of the US.

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Rory, Chase, and Lena have been getting a little antsy waiting for the outcome. They've taken to exploring my room when I'm not around. This is how I found them when I got home from work yesterday.

Rory: No, Chase, you can't take
the giant sword home.
Chase: Finders, keepers, Rory. This'll
look awesome hanging on my wall!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fan Art + GIVEAWAY! | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Welcome, one and all! It's time to get this party started.

Top 7 Character Songs Countdown
A while back, you might remember the Ever Afters Blog Tour that passed through here. I had the great pleasure of sharing the musical playlists that helped Ms. Bach create her Characters. Let's just say I became slightly addicted. Fittingly, the soundtrack for this Blog Party! will be my Top 7 favorites from these playlists.

So before you go any farther, cue the music!
From the playlist of Rory Landon, here's #7.

Quote of the Day
Of Giants and Ice, pg 136

Today's lineup is FANART. And just look at what magnificent fan art it is! All that time and effort and love! I wish I could draw half this well, but I guess some people are fan artists and some people throw online party bashes to show off all the fan artists' magnificent work. ;)
This is as close as I get to fan art.

First up, we have some shipping magic with the best mermaid couple since Disney's The Little Mermaid. Next to Chaurora, Ben and Chatty are my favorite pair. A lot of that probably has to do with their love of cheesy jokes. I mean, have you seen my Corny Joke of the Week in the sidebar?
Some Ben and Chatty love with Batty by alicorn-society.

I LOVE stylized quotes, and these two from Chase in Of Sorcery and Snow are gorgeous. One for the heart-fluttering 'awwww' factor, and one for the funny bone.

From the drawing board of Hannah C.

I stumbled across this Chase and Rory while Googling and I'm so, so happy it turned out to be one of the contributions! Dancing together at the ball, which is only one of my very favorite moments. *sigh* Aren't they so cute together?

Sorry, is my Chaurora showing?
By that spectacular talent, Jolie J!

Anyone else have chills from this one?

The Tale of Rory Landon, a Haley R. original!

Aren't these absolutely MAGNIFICENT?!

From the upcoming Lazy Blue Daisy

Remember how I said I'm not great with art? Pretty sure that's because my sister got all the crafty/drawing mojo. She continues to astound me with her limitless artistic ability, but these dolls really take the cake. She's already made a Link and Zelda pair (plus chicken) and a 10th Doctor, but when she asked what I wanted most of all? No contest. Now I have my very own Triumvirate.

Who doesn't love that scene after Rory kills for the first time and Chase comforts her? Now you can see it illustrated.

From the pencil of Clare R.

I was completely blown away by this piece. And then I noticed the reflection in the sword. Equal parts gorgeous, exciting, and chilling. If you weren't excited for the finale yet, you will be now! An-ti-ci-pa-tion...

courtesy of Fiona R.

Last but not least...

This is a picture of Shelby Bach's Reader Art Wall, full of fanart sent in by her readers, and I have to say they're fantastic. Any of the artists here today?


You didn't think I forgot about this part, did you? Of course not! I've been planning this giveaway for months, and I can't wait to show you.

Drum roll, please!
One set of those freaking fantastic Ever Afters dolls. That's your own personal Chase Turnleaf, Rory Landon, and Lena LaMarelle, right out of the pages!

That's right! These three beauties right here
want to come over to your house.
The giveaway ends at midnight on the 30th of June and I'll announce the winner on the 1st of July, amidst the revelry of finally getting your hands on a copy of Of Enemies and Endings. The giveaway is only available to residents of the US.

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Thank you all so much for stopping by for the party's kick-off! If you have fanart of your own to share, just put a link in the comments; I'm sure everyone here can't have enough Ever Afters fanart.

Join us tomorrow to talk about your Favorite Book in the series.

And by all means, PARTY.
What's your favorite piece? If you've seen another piece that deserves mention, share the link!