Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TTT: Ten Facts About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a blog meme hosted by the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish
So funny story.

The very first tag video I ever did on my booktube channel was '25 Facts About Me'. It was a hoot, so for this '10 Facts About Me' topic, I went back to that and picked out my favorite 10 of the lot. (Plus -if you want to know all 25- I included the video! Warning, it was during my early years of vlogging, so it's not stellar quality. Sorry about that.)

1. I'm actually a slow reader. This is really inconvenient for a book reviewer, considering it can take me an hour to read 50 pages. :P

2. I love pizza. I'm not kidding. I could eat it for every meal, for days on end. My bucket list actually includes a Pizza Tour of the world, where I hit up Italy, New York, Chicago, and every other place that has their own style of pizza, just so I can try them all.

3. I collect salt and pepper shakers. But only super awesome ones, you understand. I'll pick up the tourist-y ones sometimes, but what I really love are the sets that are nerdy, fun, or cutesy. Like a hot dog and a bun; neon-colored eyeballs from Halloween; the trash cans from the different sections of Disneyland. (As of my last visit, I own all of them. All seven. Seven. Are you kidding me, Disneyland?! You stopped on an uneven number?!) Growing up, I always wanted to start a collection, but I could never settle on what to start collecting. I finally decided on salt and pepper shakers because that was something one of my grandmother -who died long before I was born, unfortunately- collected. It was kind of a way for me to have a connection with her.

4. Don't freak out on this next one, but I watched The Fellowship of the Ring before I finished the book. At first, my dad even made it a rule that I had to finish the book first. But I was in the Tom Bombadil chapter and he wanted to watch it so bad he rescinded. Soon as I was introduced to Strider in the movie, I read as fast as I could to get to the Prancing Pony.

5. I once owned four copies of the abridged edition of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. At the same time.
I was actually aiming for an unabridged edition.

6. Sometimes, I prefer the movie over the book. This may sound like sacrilege, but occasionally I'll find a movie that I feel better portrays a character, an arc, a relationship, or a scene that just puts it over the book. Even if I don't hold the movie in its entirety over a book, there are often moments that are so much better onscreen than on the page.

7. At night, I check under my pillow for spiders. This isn't a random phobia that just popped up out of the blue one day -one night a spider actually scurried out from under my pillow.
I really hate spiders.

8. I often provide my own sound effects. This can make for a very interesting work environment in a library.

9. Occasionally, I slip into random accents (not always good ones) and funny voices. I do this so often when I'm working or writing, I sometimes forget to hold it in when I'm out in public.

10. Last, but not least, I seriously do burst into random song. Sometimes it's a genuine song -with music and lyrics- but a lot of times I just carry on a conversation or thought by singing it, especially if I'm annoyed with an object. Instead of growling at it, I sing at it.
You blasted piece of garbage/I hate you/I want to crush you

Honorable Mention: I am a conservative American and proud of it!
This one got me a bit of backlash when I posted the original video but the thing is: I'm not ashamed of it; I don't have to defend my position to anyone, let alone an Internet troll; and I'm not here to argue politics anyway. So there you go.

By the way, I forced myself out of that weird correlate-the-bookmarks-with-the-book phase. Mostly.


  1. Awesome facts Amanda, especially loved the pizza world tour. It's funny but I've always looked at a book and the movie of it as two separate breeds. I've really tried to look at them as if they are by two completely different authors, so to speak. They each really take different approaches to the plot, theme, characters etc. so I just quit trying to compare them and enjoy the experience.

    1. Usually people think the pizza world tour is nuts! But I figure it's as good a reason to travel as any. ^_^
      It might not make sense, but I kind of do both when it comes to book/movies. I'm able to compare them, but still look at them as separate things; I think that's why it's fun for me, instead of being irritated by it.

  2. Sound effects in the library - could be interesting! :)

    1. ^_^ 'Interesting' is a good word for it! ^_^
      I'm not generally loud enough that patrons notice, but I've certainly surprised co-workers on occasion.