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What Makes the Ever Afters So Special to You? | Ever Afters Blog Party!

This is the final day of the Blog Party! and I just want to thank all of you, so much, for joining me. Thanks to you, it turned out spectacularly!

A special shout-out to May V, who was willing to hunt out contributors and spread the word about this crazy scheme.

And a big thanks to everyone who contributed. You were the ones who made it fun. ;)

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
And we're finally at the very top. So what's my very favorite of the all the character playlist songs? New Low by Middle Class Rut, from Chase's list. It's writhing with desperation, frustration, and determination. It's not really a feel-good song, but it embodies so much feeling. The reason it tops this list is how perfectly I think it illustrates that side of Chase that only he and Rory see.
Again, this is a song you'll want for the finale.

Quote of the Day
Of Witches and Wind, pg 386

What Makes the Ever Afters So Special to You?

This is a darn good series. I love everything about it -from the fairy tales, to the friendships, to the character development, to the humor, to the detailed foreshadowing that will blow your mind. This is everything I've ever wanted in a story, but haven't found in one place until now.

These are my Book Soul Mates.

For me, so much of what I love about this revolves around the characters. You know when they talk about characters that jump off the pages? Are larger than life? That's what Rory, Chase, and Lena are to me. They've taken me on a fantastic journey and they feel like my very own friends. These stories make me want to be braver, more daring, and more adventurous, but they also make me want to love more, be kinder, and enjoy what I have. The good and the bad qualities in these three help me face my own good and bad sides, and they make me want to become better for it. I may not have to face trials like taking on an entire troll court single-handed, but because Rory did it, I feel like I could, too.

So bring on the troll court. I can take it.

And that's the deep philosophical question of the week. Take the floor, ladies.

May V:
The Ever Afters is my favourite series for many reasons. Seriously, I love it so much! Maybe too much.
The plot, the characters, the author, and even my fellow readers all make it a huge part of my life. I mean, the reason I am who I am today is because of reading The Ever Afters. 

However, before reading Of Giants and Ice, I never actually liked books. I always thought they were boring and a waste of time.
(I know, I know. You're all saying, "HOW DARE YOU!")
When I was in sixth-grade (or Grade 6), I was so afraid to stand out and be different because it seemed like everyone was supposed to act the same way. So I didn't stand out. At all. 
"You look out the window and wonder when the good stuff happens--when your life gets jump-started. You might not be sure what that real life will be, but you know that this isn't really it."
-Rory Landon, OGAI. (Page 1.)
Soon, school was out and it was the summer before seventh-grade. While I was cleaning my room,  I found a book on my old, dusty table.
The cover read,"Of Giants and Ice." At first I thought, "Ew. It's a book." I looked at the illustration of three kids holding swords. They are actually smiling, I thought. They have swords...that means they're fighters. They're brave! I read the back page, thinking, This book is different. They're different.
I guess you could say that's when my life actually began. 

I started reading. I read all night, and I didn't care.
The Ever Afters is special to me because it changed me. I started to look at the world with new eyes, as if magic could be anywhere. As if I even had some magic in myself. 
(I guess that's why I love Rory so much. I was a lot like her.)
My life would change, I promised myself, starting now.
"Your life starts when you start taking matters into your own hands--no matter how scared you might be." 
-Rory Landon, OGAI. (Page 343.)
Pretty soon, I became addicted to books. I called myself a fangirl and a dreamer.
The following school year, I became more confident in myself. I don't even care if people judge me for loving books. Whenever I felt doubt, or that I thought that I wasn't good enough, I remembered Rory--no matter what challenges she went through, she always had courage and did what she believed in.
If she can believe in her own story, I can too.
Haley R:
The Ever Afters series has been one of my favorite series for a couple of years now and for good reason.  Not only does it have some of the most engaging books I've ever read, I have an emotional connection to a lot of the characters and would physically cry if some of them die.  I never cry reading book or watching movies.  One reason I love the series is that I see myself in a lot of the characters.  Lena's slightly nutty love for science and inventing.  The way that Maggie is overly cheerful to cover up the fact that she's hurting.  The way Rory is kind of afraid about what her future will hold but she faces it bravely nonetheless.  Ben's great puns.  Sherah's/Chatty's mischievousness.  Chase's love for food.  How Lena is sometimes made fun of for her brain.  The way Rory wants to protect her family and friends.
Clare R.
Why I love the Ever Afters. First off, it’s full of fairy tales, which I love. Also, the main character, Rory, is someone you can relate to. I really love Rory with her optimism and spirit 😊 I also love how it’s a kid's book, yet it touches on deeper meanings of friendship and failure and deception and disappointment and much more. I love the humor, the other characters, the plot, and genre, and basically everything about it! It’s everything I could ask for in a book and more! 

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A goodbye party with their new friends!

So, my party guests, one final question before the music stops:
What makes The Ever Afters special to YOU? 


  1. Ever Afters is special to me because of the characters and the way in which Bach twists fairy tales in to the story. She's crafted a story that includes strong friendships and you can tell that she is using her own relationships with her friends as a basis for Rory, Lena and Chase. I love how she is so knowledgeable about fairy tales and so giving of herself to her fans. Her characters are the kind of friends that you would want to have.

  2. AWWWW! THANKS AMANDA! Thank you also for asking me in the first place. It was my honor! And it was extremely fun, too!