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Favorite Character | Ever Afters Blog Party!

It's day three already! And do you know what that means? Five days to Of Enemies and Endings!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour I participated in last November.
#5 comes from Solange's playlist. I fell in love with her songs, because they all had such bursting music, powerful singing, and a quality both gorgeous and haunting. The World is Not Enough by Garbage, in particular, is eerie and stunning. Before you go any further, experience the chill factor and gear up for Solange's final move on June 30th.

Quote of the Day:
Of Witches and Wind, pg 175
This is still one of my favorite Chase lines. He's just like, Gosh, Rory, you found out my big secret a day ago and YOU ALREADY FORGOT?

Favorite Character

So who's your favorite character? Or maybe your top two, if you can't narrow it down. ;)

You might have gotten the hint, but my favorite, hands down, has always been Chase Turnleaf. I first liked him because he's funny and cocky, but even in the beginning of OGAI, you could tell there was a good kid under the jerk side -somewhere. I loved watching his and Rory's friendship develop up the beanstalk; it's still one of my favorite storytelling bits of ALL TIME, seeing them go from enemies to best friends.

As the series develops, I love his fierce devotion to his friends. He might make fun of Lena and Rory sometimes, but he doesn't let anybody else say bad things about them, and he'll defend them from anybody, even his idolized dad. He's not only self-confident, but he's confident about his friends. He pushes them to be better, because he knows what they're capable of, and he builds their own self-confidence. He's half coach, half cheer squad, and he definitely makes Rory a better person (and vice versa).

His personal development in OWAW blows me away every time. To see what he was and what he became, to know what he went through to fight for what he wanted. The fact that after all that, he can still laugh and look at the world with so much optimism shows such incredible personal strength. Plus, wings. And magic. And a secret back story. Story magic, right there.

And, okay, he's totally sweet with Rory. Do I need to bring up OSAS chapter 7 again? Not only that, he acts as a pillar for Rory. He makes her laugh, he pushes her to be the best she can, but he supports her, too, and he usually knows what to say to make her feel better or make sense of things. He can simultaneously protect her and support her and I love that.

May V. says:
My favourite character is Rory Landon because no matter what challenges she faces, whether it's in the fairytale world or in the real world, she does whatever it takes to do the right thing. Sometimes Rory just freezes and stands there, unsure of what to do, but she always pushes away her fears in the determination to help others.
I also admire her because I feel that I can relate to her. She used to feel that the life she was living wasn't actually the life she was supposed to live. But when she tried something new, her life became more exciting for her.
I admire Rory for her bravery, selflessness, kindness, understanding, determination, and strength. Hopefully, one day, I can be like her.
To be like Rory Landon is a good goal indeed! She's got so many fantastic traits and -I have to agree, May- she's easy to relate to. Watching her deal with her fears and insecurities helps me face my own. This is one reason I plan to give this series to all of my niblings (nieces and nephews) because Rory Landon especially, but also so many of the other characters, would be spectacular role models for kids. Plus, they're just darn good books!

And this just in from Brookanna:
My favorite character in the Ever After series is Chase. Putting aside the whole part-fae thing (which is awesome), Chase is a great, relatable character. He wants things that most people want - popularity, a reputation, pretty girls…and while he sometimes loses sight of what's really important, it doesn't take much to remind him that loyalty and heroism are more worthwhile in the long run. As the series continues, he develops into a stronger character with a more accurate moral compass, kind of the way we all hope to develop in our own lives. Another great aspect to Chase's character is the way he wants to distinguish himself after living in his father's shadow. He wants so badly to make his mark, but to a large extent he feels like his destiny is out of his control (a feeling most of us can relate to). Chase doesn't wallow in self-pity - he exercises discipline and develops the skills that he will need when he does get his big chance, so that when his Tale does come, he is ready for it, and ready to make the most of it.
What she said. ^^ Chase Turnleaf for the win!

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Apparently Chase convinced them to scale the bookshelves using yarn as rope. He didn't realize this form doesn't have wings. Poor Chase. Still not sure how he convinced Rory to climb up...

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Are you guys having fun yet? Give me a shout and tell me who your favorite character(s) is!


  1. My favorite Character is definitely Chase. He's like all my guy friends rolled into one. Plus he's one half of Chaurora. He's just so adorable and awkward and sweet and strong and funny. He was my favorite from the beginning. I knew he had a crush on Rory from the beginning. *sigh*

    1. So apparently we need a Chase fan club... ;)

    2. Ohmygod YES. He's the first half of Chaurora, I knew It was happening from the start. He most mercilessly teased her. Then STUFF HAPPENED. And then OSAS was every fangirls dream. and Chase was brave.....I feel the fangirl feels rising within me.

  2. I'm down with the Chase fan club :) He's just such a nice guy and sweet and such a great friend.

  3. I am so with a Chase fan club!!!!!! That would be my total fangirl dream. I love Chase 1. Because he is awesome and funny and like a guy friend I know 2. Because he is one part of chory ( I prefer chory over chaurora) 3. Because he is sweet and kind and romantic.