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OEAE Predictions | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Can you believe Of Enemies and Endings hits the shelves tomorrow? Whose already pre-ordered a copy?
We're going to bring The Ever Afters finale in right. Today, we're sharing pet theories and predictions of what's going to happen before the end.

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
#2 in the Character Playlist Countdown is something you'll want to have on hand when you start reading OEAE. Apres Moi by Regina Spektor comes from Solange's playlist. It's intense, unpredictable, moving, and operatic. It's flamboyant and frightening at the same time, like The Snow Queen herself.

(It's also fun to pair it with Hero by Regina Spektor, a song on Rory's playlist. Ms. Bach talked about how much it helped her write the characters for the villain and hero to have complimentary songs by the same artist.)

Quote of the Day

Of Enemies and Endings Predictions

Some of you know that I've already read and reviewed OEAE, but don't panic. These are predictions I wrote up before then, I just decided to save them for the Blog Party! In other words, they're still spoiler-free.

Hold onto your hats, because these are all...intense.
  • Solange will attempt to prove once and for all that Rory is just like her. She's already stated as much throughout the series, like in OWAW (pg 352) "I was the direction your life was would have become me, if you had lived." I suspect this will happen by Solange attempting to draw a final parallel between her and Rory.
  • This final parallel could be tragic. Possibly involving Chase. Consider this other line from OWAW (pg 50) when Rory finds Sebastian "The stone soldier was looking sidelong, a sad smile forever frozen around his mouth, his shoulders hunched forward -he'd been protecting something when the spell had hit him, something precious. Or maybe someone."
  • Someone will try to revive Sebastian.
  • We'll get to find out more about Solange and her Tale and her journey to becoming evil.
So there are some of my predictions for Of Enemies and Endings.

What about your favorite pet theories? Share them now!

Haley R:
  • Sebastian will be unfrozen and will have some part in the Snow Queen's demise.
  • Hansel will die.
  • The Snow Queen's heart is in a box and by finding the box, Rory or someone will kill her.
  • This isn't exactly mine but I agree with it. I think that Adelaide will be using the wishing coin to influence Chase in some way.
  • Sherah will get legs or something that gives her legs.
Aurora H:
I have a pet theory that I don't think can actually canonically come to pass, but I'll share it anyway.
That a member of the Canon will give up their golden apple during the war to a fatally injured person, and then go out on the battlefield and die.
My top candidate is the Director, going out to confront Solange. Cue the emotional drama, friendship and betrayal talk, and Mildred gets a blast of ice to the heart.
Second choice is Hansel, who saves Rory from impending doom, and dies with a remark about her swordwork. 
Both of those would likely turn to dust before being able to confront, but that would still be feelsy enough, just them giving up their apple. In my opinion.
So many possibilities!

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  1. Predictions. Okay. Um, I think it's possible Adelaide will be using the wishing coin on Chase. I predict Rory will be oblivious to it, because poor Rory is usually oblivious to that stuff. (As is evidenced in all of the last book.)

    I also predict that something bad might happen to Chase… something Sebastion-like. Only, of course, Rory'll get him out of it.

    I can't wait for it to come out. As soon as I get it, I plan to obsessively read it and do nothing else. ('Cept maybe eat. Maybe.)

    1. Poor, oblivious Rory. ^_^

      I recommend eating at least a little something. But prepare it beforehand. Preferably something you can eat one-handed, to keep one hand free for turning pages.