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Favorite Characters to Despise | Ever Afters Blog Party!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
#4 on the Countdown is another from Chase's list. Changing by The Airborne Toxic Event is just fun to listen to, and even more fun to sing out loud. (Seriously, karoake, anyone?)
But it definitely speaks to Chase's character, too; this is great on repeat for reading through OWAW when Rory's trying to figure out whether she even knows the real Chase at all.

Quote of the Day:
Of Witches and Wind, pg 371

Who is your Favorite Character to Despise?

For me, this is Mildred Grubb, the Director of Ever After School. I know that's weird because, after all, it's not like she's a bad guy. Her driving goals are to keep the kids safe and to make sure Solange doesn't succeed in taking over the world.

Good guy, right?

But she irks me. She's always making things difficult for everyone, she doesn't look at the big picture, she won't give the Triumvirate the knowledge they need to properly prepare, she refuses to see past her own misconceptions, and she doesn't trust Rapunzel despite how many times Rapunzel has proved she's trustworthy. She's trying so hard to protect EAS that I feel like she's actually hindering them. Things would be so much easier for everyone if Mildred would just learn to trust the right people.

I know she has her good qualities, too, and that she's been through her share of horrors, but... *shrugs*

So Mildred is the character I despise most because she let's her personal past and problems hinder the present and the future.

Clare R:
My favorite character to despise is Adalaide. She’s Rory’s foil, and is just the perfect character to hate because she’s mean and bratty and obnoxious and blah.
She's Rory's foil... Ooh, I love that description, Clare!

Haley R:
Fael.  Definitely Fael.  Not only is he completely immature and haughty despite the fact he's several hundred years old, he is also a complete jerk.  What kind of person locks a kid in a tomb as a prank? He scars Chase for life and repays him by sending Rory to LA on what he thinks is an impossible quest.  He also doesn't see through the fact that Touralath is using him to bring back one of the Snow Queen's pillars which shows that he's not really that smart.
This is totally off-topic but I always found it interesting that Ms. Bach made Fael an actual Turnleaf because Fael turned backwards is leaf.
Fael... Turnleaf... HOLY COW. *mind blown*
Thanks for the trivia, Haley!

Aurora H:
My favorite character to despise has to be Madison, leader of the KATs. Though there are plenty of annoying and evil characters in these series, Madison is one of the most personally relatable, because while we don't all have a neighborhood snow queen or Fey prince around, many of us have annoying popular girls who will do anything to humiliate someone who crosses them. (Kind of like the whole Umbridge vs. Voldemort issue from HP, where we despise Umbridge more because we can personally relate to the trials presented by a malicious teacher, but not so much an evil spellcasting cult leader.)
She's petty and vapid and overall irritating with no real redeeming qualities, and her comeuppance of sorts in the end of OWAW was quite satisfying.
Good answers, every one!
One of the things I love about the series is how completely human the characters are. They have their good qualities and their bad qualities and, like with Mildred, just because someone's a hero doesn't necessarily mean they're likable.

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Right, all you behind the screens -yeah, you!- tell us which character you truly despise in the series. Is it the Snow Queen or the spoiled Prince Fael or someone else entirely?

Bonus question:
Who's your favorite Minor Character?

Personally, this is a tough call between Rapunzel and Iron Hans. I love Rapunzel's mixed up way of talking and her relationship with Rory, but I like poor old Hans, living out in the middle of nowhere, and the unlikely friends he and Chase make. My dream story is... Well, it concerns something mentioned in OEAE. On page 107. So when you read that, that's the story I'm dying to read.


  1. My favorite character to despise is the Snow Queen and sometimes Jack. The Snow Queen is for obvious reasons and also how she uses fear to try to bring the triumvirate down. She tries to make Rory think she's incapable and worthless.
    Jack, because he's frankly a bad father. He loves his son but he loves his fame, Characterness, and pride more. He could do so much more and be a better role model for Chase, but he's just not. He's also pretty childish if you think about it.

    My favorite minor character is either Ben or Kyle. I can't decide. Ben because of his awesome quirkiness, and genuine friendship. Kyle, partly because he's half of Kylena and partly because he really is genuinely a good guy. Both of them always make me smile. I also really like the West Wind. (It is the West Wind right?)

    1. Oooh, Jack's a really good one. It's sad that Chase is more mature than his dad, even at his Chase-iest Chase.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. My favorite character to despise is either, Mildred, Adelaide, or Fael.
    My favorite minor character is either Rapunzel or Chatty.

  3. I would have to say The Snow Queen, I have a sneaky suspicion that she is going to get even meaner by the end of the series. She better not do anything mean to Chase, Lena or Rory though, they are such wonderful friends! Thanks for doing this Amanda, it's been fun catching up on each of the characters!

    1. Ahh, I know what you mean!
      You're welcome! It's been super fun so far. =D

  4. My favorite character to despise is Jack. My favorite minor character is either Rapunzel, Ben, or Chatty/Sherah.