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Favorite Scene/Moment | Ever Afters Blog Party!

So glad you're back! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It's Day 5, here at The Ever Afters Blog Party!, and the weather is looking sunny with a chance of fangirling. I have something super, super cool for you today, so let's get started!

Top 7 Countdown
All songs are derived from the Character Playlists featured during an Ever Afters blog tour.
It's an unfortunate truth that people in your life are going to judge you, whether they have the right to or not. I was experiencing a situation like this when I first really listened to #3 in the countdown, That's Alright by Laura Mvula from Lena's Playlist. There was a line that reached out and grabbed me.

Who made you the center of the universe?
Who made you judge and jury over me?

Now this is one of my fighting songs. I turn it up when I feel like I'm being judged unfairly or that I'm not meeting the approval of someone whose opinion shouldn't matter to me any way. Plus, it's such a fun and bouncy beat!

Quote of the Day:

What is your Favorite Scene or Moment in the series so far?

I had to pick two:

My first favorite scene is the ending from Of Witches and Wind. The adventure is over, things are getting back to normal, Rory figured out how best to stand up to her homeroom bullies -and then Chase shows up. Given that a good chunk of the story line was focused on Rory's fear that she didn't matter as much to her friends as they did to her, that moment that Chase walks into her homeroom class in the midst of Madison and her KATs makes me giddy. Every. Time. Forget the Chaurora factor; Chase is just an awesome friend.

"So? Good surprise or bad surprise?"
"Good surprise. Definitely good."
-page 386

Of course, I have to say the scene at Titania's ball in Of Sorcery and Snow.

"Rory, your shoes look the least dangerous." Chase grabbed my hand. His palms were hot. "You're with me."
-page 108

Chase is so adorable, trying not to be obvious, and Rory's mostly clueless.

It wasn't the enchantment. Chase is what made me like this so much.
page 111 

It's just so perfect and awkward and adorable!

I realize these are both basically Chaurora scenes. I didn't think I was quite that obsessed about the pairing, but I know if I were to list my favorite scenes in OGAI and OEAE, they would be centered on Chase and Rory too. Hopefully, the more I read the series, the more favorite moments and characters I'll find. That's the best thing about a series that's still so much fun the fourth or fifth or even fiftieth time -you'll be in a different place in your life, with a different mindset, so you'll always find a new favorite part.

Clare R
My favorite scene/moment is… well, besides Chapter 7… Rory had just killed Mark, and was really depressed, and then Chase comforted her with his story and the world turned right again XDXDXD. It was a simple moment, but revealed a lot about Chase’s character and was just so Chaurora. 
See? It's not just me. Chaurora. ;)

Jon T.
My favorite scene is when Rory and Chase face off with the dragon in its cave in Yellowstone. For a novice, and her first encounter with a dragon, Rory did a kickin job of responding to the dragon's attack and saving Chase and herself. Way to go Rory. Then George dispatched the dragon. What a team.

What's better than talking with fellow Characters about your favorite scenes? Hearing what the author's favorite scenes are. ^_^
Shelby Bach stopped by to share a few of her all-time favorite scenes from the series, so sit back and enjoy!

It’s impossible for me to pick one all time favorite scene in the series, so instead, I selected a handful! (Disclaimer: These picks are FULL of spoilers….)

Of Giants and Ice

The scene at the end of Lena’s Tale, when Jimmy Searcaster climbs on to the beanstalk, trying to catch the Triumvirate, and helping Chase down, she knows they won’t make it down in time.
You can click on the image to enlarge it!

This was one of the first scenes I imagined for the series, and I looked forward to writing it the WHOLE time I was drafting Of Giants and Ice.

Of Witches and Wind
The scene in the Glass Mountain, right after Rory and Chase rescue Ben, when Mia is chasing them. 

I can’t read this part without giggling!

Of Sorcery and Snow
The scene when Chase uses that wishing coin in the Snow Queen’s dungeon.

This scene was not in the outline. Actually, I didn’t realize how important it would to be the book—to Chase’s character development in general—until the idea struck me one Sunday.

I planned to just jot down some notes on some index cards. I ended up filling eleven with the whole scene. It didn’t even need much revising in the next few drafts.

Of Enemies and Endings
Ahhh, so many favorites! And I can’t share any of them in detail, because they are major spoilers. So, I’ll just have tell you where they are in the book:
  • The last six pages of Chapter 13: They never fail to make me emotional.
  • Lena on pages 361 and 362: Lena proves—yet again—that she is made of awesome.
  • The library and courtyard scenes at the end of Chapter 23: The day after I finished the first draft of OE&E, this scene was still bugging me. So, I went back and rewrote it, and now, I grin whenever I reread it.
A big thanks to Ms. Bach for playing along! Now who is UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED to read Of Enemies and Endings?!

Two days.

That's it.


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They were tired out from their adventures, so I used my sly photo-taking skills to get some close-ups of the details. You can see Lena's hair is actually braided and strung with beads; Rory has a tiny patch of the Ever After School crest; Chase even has pockets on his cargo pants; Rory's sweatshirt was made with exacting detail; need I even mention HOW AWESOME LENA'S CONVERSE ARE?!
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Tomorrow we're talking OEAE Predictions to get you PUMPED for the book the day after that. This is it. We're getting so close. Can you feel it?

All right, party guests -Do you have a favorite scene or moment from the series?


  1. The scene at Titania's ball in Of Sorcery and Snow between Rory and Chase is my favorite, so far. It's just a really sweet moment that seems to capture the awkwardness and is so adorable.

    Favourite scene? Hm. You know, I think I just love all the Chaurora scenes. Here. (I can't help it!)