Friday, March 17, 2017

My Favorite Irish Song and Authors for Your St. Patrick's Day Festivities

I don't know if you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but my family usually gets together for some form of Irish meal (corned beef and cabbage mostly, but I think we're actually trying something new this year!), our annual watching of The Luck of the Irish, traditional green ware, plenty of beer, and of course, my awesomely festive headband:

But let's talk Irish authors, shall we?

My all-time favorite Irish author -surprising no one- is Eoin Colfer, my favorite author period. If you're looking for a good Irish read today, I'd recommend Iron Man: The Gauntlet, which he wrote for Marvel last fall. Tony Stark finds himself on the Emerald Isle and teams up with a few fantastic Irish characters to defeat a classic comic villain. Muahaha! It is THE BEST. EVER.

Second up, Derek Landy, for his fun and fast-paced Skulduggery Pleasant series, involving the magic underground of Dublin and the snappy-dressing, snappy-talking, walking, talking, flame-throwing skeleton sorcerer/detective.

And my favorite Irish song?
Of the bevy of songs my da used to sing to my sister and I at bedtime, one of my favorites was The Unicorn. It was only a few years ago that I ever heard the actual song by the Irish Rovers and it's amazing.

But even more amazing was discovering the song was written by my favorite poet -Shel Silverstein. Talk about happy coincidences!
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Who are your favorite Irish authors?


  1. Adorable picture, hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day with your family!

  2. Unfortunately there is always something else pressing going on and we never get to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but we do have many Irish descent friends and we get very happy for them. We also love Irish food and the Zeppoles, which are really Italians, but here in New England get "transformed" with Irish cream in St. Patrick's Day. YUM! Thanks for sharing your favorites :)

    1. Deep fried dough? SOLD! I'm going to have to try those 'transformed' Zeppoles some day. ^_^

    2. I don't tell this to my Italian friends but the Irish version is SO MUCH better! we devour them at home :)