Thursday, September 27, 2018

#FowlDay Icebreakers | #AFReadAlong

Who's excited to kick off the Artemis Fowl Read Along next week? I mean, besides me.

Today's #FowlDay activities will be Icebreakers, something to get us a little better acquainted with each other and to our individual relationships with Artemis Fowl.

Share your responses with the hashtag #FowlDay on your blog or choice of social media!
Don't miss these live events coming up today:

Activity #1: Icebreaker Survey
1) What country are you from?
2) How many times have you read the Artemis Fowl series?
2b) If you've read the series before, what's your favorite book? (If you haven't, this will be in the closing survey too!)
Not 2b) What's your current favorite book (besides Artemis Fowl)?
4) Will you see the Artemis Fowl film opening weekend, weeks later, or wait for the DVD?
5) Share a random fun fact about yourself!

Activity #2: Reading in the Lap of Luxury

Artemis Fowl II is a rich kid. We're talking millions. Imagine those millions are yours and deck out your dream reading spot in the lap of ultimate luxury. I want details, paint colors, and -if possible- ALL OF THE PICTURES of the coziest reading spot of your dreams.

The Artemis Fowl Read Along officially begins Oct 1 with the first Artemis Fowl book.

I can't wait to get things started!

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