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The Artemis Fowl Series Read Along | #AFReadAlong

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Starting in October, I will be hosting an Artemis Fowl read along for the entire series (!!!) to celebrate the release of the live-action film August 19, 2019 -which we've only been waiting 18 years to see.

Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl is one of my all-time favorite book series; I lived off the audio versions of the first four books through my teens, patiently waiting and adding each new book to the lineup as it came. I became so enamored with them I insisted on reading them to my dad, imitating as best I could Nathaniel Parker's brilliant voice work for the characters. So what better way to celebrate the near-miraculous upcoming film than to share my love of the series with equally devoted fans and the opportunity to introduce it to some new readers? (There is no better way; in case you were curious.)

I'm very excited to share one of my favorite series with you all -and when I say share, I mean in a very interactive format because I need someplace to let my fangirl run rampant!

All through the read along, Thursdays shall be known across my social medias as #FowlDay. I will have an activity, a game, a random survey, a giveaway*, or anything else I can think of planned to make it the best day of your week for the next eight months.

The read along will span October 2018-May 2019. Each month will be dedicated to one book, and here's that schedule:
  • ARTEMIS FOWL | October 1 - October 31
  • ARTEMIS FOWL: THE ARCTIC INCIDENT | November 1 - November 30
  • ARTEMIS FOWL: THE ETERNITY CODE | December 1 - December 31
  • ARTEMIS FOWL: THE OPAL DECEPTION | January 1 - January 31
  • ARTEMIS FOWL: THE LOST COLONY | February 1 - February 28
  • ARTEMIS FOWL: THE TIME PARADOX | March 1 - March 31

NOTE: The Artemis Fowl Files will not officially be part of this read along, though if you want to add it to your reading, it was published between The Eternity Code and The Opal Deception, so that might be a good time to read it.

  • Sign up here with links to your social media.
  • Readers will have one month to read each book.
  • At the end of each month readers are encouraged to post a review of the book, a recap, or reaction post on a personal blog, social media, or review site.
  • Readers are encouraged to share updates (NON-SPOILERY) on social media using the hashtag #AFReadAlong.
  • Every week I will present an interactive activity, game, or challenge to be shared on #FowlDay (Thursdays) across social media.

ANYONE, that's who! Whether you're reading the series for the first time or re-reading for the hundredth; whether you start from day one or jump in mid-February, anyone is welcome to participate. And if you've already got the books memorized and don't feel like reading along, you can just join the festivities and plethora of activities.

  • READ ALONG DETAILS will be posted here, at Amanda's To Read or Not to Read? This will include monthly reading details and weekly #FowlDay activity announcements.
  • TWITTER + FACEBOOK: Share updates and photos on Twitter and to my Facebook page with the hashtag #AFReadAlong and activity participation with the hashtag #FowlDay.

ARTEMIS FOWL | October 1 - October 31
  • 10/1 - 10/6: Prologue-Chapter 3
  • 10/7 - 10/13: Chapter 4-5
  • 10/14 - 10/20: Chapter 6-7
  • 10/21 - 10/27: Chapter 8-Epilogue
  • 10/28 - 10/31: Post review, recap, and/or reaction; recreate a favorite moment for #FowlDay in any artistic medium!

Don't forget to update on social media throughout the read along with the hashtag #AFReadAlong (no spoilers, please.) And remember, there will be fun activities every Thursday for #FowlDay!
Stay tuned: the first activity will be posted on 9/27 to kick off the #AFReadAlong in style!

Don't wait; join the read along! I can't wait to hear your updates and take trips down memory lane with you, but most importantly, we're here to HAVE FUN and enjoy a great series. Make sure to use the hashtag #AFReadAlong or tag me so I can share your updates with everyone.

*I will be making some handcrafted and/or personally designed items for a few giveaways throughout the read along. If you are interested in donating any Artemis Fowl-themed items for this purpose, I would love that! Shoot me an email at toreadandreview[at]gmail[dot]com to discuss details and promotional opportunities.

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