Monday, April 17, 2017

Sunda Post 008 + Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

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 Same as last week, actually. :P

The Lake House by Kate Morton
So many twists since last week! I have no theories at this point, I'm just a puppy following Morton through the story, waiting for the next big reveal. A puppy with heartache, too. =(

Lone Ranger/Green Hornet

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (audio)
I've been staying up so late with other things, I haven't really gotten much farther with this yet.

 Internet Shenanigans 


Light...Darkness...The Balance...
Color me intrigued!

Gotta be honest, I love this teaser. It very nicely sets up the theme for the next film -and a whole ton of questions! I've always wanted to see more expansion on what the Force is (it's 'magic system', if you will) so I'm certainly curious!

But that last Skywalker line! What do you mean, THE LAST JEDI?! I mean, are you just giving up on the Jedi order, whatever there was that survived? Or is dear Luke suggesting the unsuggestionable? That the use of the Force by sentient beings should discontinue?!

Which brings me to what I didn't love, and that's Luke's depressing attitude. I mean, I get it; lots of bad stuff has happened, his apprentice/nephew turned to the Dark Side and (we guess) wiped out any other apprentices Luke managed to gather across the universe. But I'm not enjoying it. I hope something happens quick to put Luke back into action, whether he likes it or not.

More honesty, guys. Episode VIII is going to have to be EPIC -and I mean EPIC- to impress me. Episode VII got away with a lot as a return of the franchise, for bringing back so many familiar faces, and because it was the best Star Wars movie since RotJ. While I still enjoy VII, and I don't think it was a 'bad' movie, I'll admit some of the shine has started to wear off over the years, especially after Rogue One (which I would rank a better movie) and my continued treks into the Star Wars EU (mostly The Clone Wars and Rebels).

Also, Rey, Finn, and Poe better get more interaction together. It's kind of hard to be the new Star Wars trio of heroes if you never interact with each other.

What are your thoughts?

 In Real Life 

Speaking of Star Wars...


Isn't this Ewok adorable?! There's an Etsy shop called Lazy Blue Daisy Studios and they've got several Star Wars dolls just in time for May 4th. 😄

 New Additions 

Thanks to Book Boyfriend Box:
I'm very eager to read this. *eyes TBR pile* Eventually.

New ARC:
I'm really interested to read this one! It's chock full of ancient Hawaiian folklore and *drum roll please* MAGIC! Not to mention, apparently, shark tamers and teenage surfer warriors.

What's new with you? 

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