Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday Post 009 | IMWAYR

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 Corny Joke Monday 

What kind of tea is the hardest to swallow?

 Last Week on the Blog 

 This Week on the Blog 

The Blacklist | S4, E16&17 To Watch
The Lake House Review

 What I'm Reading: 

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Heartstone by Elle Katherine White
P&P with dragons. YEESSSS!!!

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
Re-read, book club read.

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (audio)

The Clone Wars comics

 What I Read: 

The Lake House by Kate Morton

Chapter two of a friend's WIP that I LOVE

 Internet Shenanigans 

In my love of all things Postmodern Jukebox, I just discovered that its creator, Scott Bradlee, has written inspirational blog posts for inspirational types like us and I'm eating them up. So far, my favorite is How to Turn Practice Into A Habit because it made me reevaluate how I approach everything I do from writing to blogging to 'practicing' piano.

Also, Dragonfly's review of Cress by Marissa Meyer over at IS EVERYTHING I HOPED IT WOULD BE! All her fangirling makes me so happy. XD

 In Real Life 

NBA PLAYOFFS! GO JAZZ! I've been spending every other night at my grandparents' place, watching the Jazz games with them and boy do me and Grandma get into it. They say the Jazz auditorium is the loudest one in all of the NBA -and the two of us aren't even inside it!

Of course, the Playoffs schedule is kind of wreaking havoc with everything else. I mean, I still haven't had time to watch the new Blacklist episodes! *gasp*

  What's new with you? 


  1. First of all I'm liking the Corny Jokes so I hope you keep doing them. :) And I must have missed last weeks post because I just read your thoughts on the Star Wars trailer, and I totally agree. Between the less than enthusiastic attitude and hos recent comments in interviews, I too am a little concerned about Luke! I so want to see a new Jedi order with Luke and Rey at the head, but sounds like maybe they're NOT going in that direction? Almost sounds like Luke is suggesting something that transcends the Jedi/ Sith thing? I need to know!!! Ha ha

    So back to this week. Heartstone does sound good. More dragons please lol. I need more books w/ dragons. And I've never read or watched Clone Wars or Rebels but I probably should. I know Netflix has Clone Wars so just a matter of time I guess...

    Anyway have a good week!

    1. No worries! Corny Joke Mondays have been a long standing tradition on my Facebook pages; occasionally I forget to do them, true, but for the most part they're a standard. ^_^
      I know, right?! I mean, if Luke is trying to find some higher calling/purpose for the Force than just Jedi or Sith, that could be really interesting, but I'm afraid he's to the point of kind of giving up. =( That's maybe the biggest difference I dislike between the EU and current trilogy, was that the EU gave us a Rebel victory and the reformation of the galaxy, whereas the new trilogy is stuck in the same old battle -new faces, new names, but same battle. I dunno. Guess we'll see where they go.

      Need more dragons? Have you read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede? Or the Dragonback series by Timothy Zahn, which is a sci-fi take on 'dragons'?
      As far as The Clone Wars, I shall pass on the vital advice given me: skip any episodes that focus solely on the droids, Padme, or Jar Jar. You will be happier for it.

      You have a good week too!

    2. Oh my gosh right?? I went on a lengthy rant after TFA because it just seemed so... warmed over. I wanted a clear cut Rebel victory and after 30 years I thought we'd have a New Republic, with Luke either actively training Jedi or off doing Jedi stuff. Not disappearing! Sure there might be Imperial remnants, that totally makes sense, but I just thought they would give us new ideas, new threats, or at least a subtler version of the threat from the Imperials.

      I hate to leave a long comment (sorry!) but I thought- how cool would it be if Luke had explored Vader's residence, not to mention the Emperors? Imagine the artifacts, the Sith stuff... that could have been a springboard for new adventures, even for tempting Luke anew if they're fixated on that. Instead we get nothing like that. I've never read much of the EU but I probably should, because it probably goes more in the direction I lean towards.

      I have not read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles but I have heard great things. I think I'm going to add those and try to get to them this year. I love that name too- can't go wrong with an enchanted forest. :)

      Thanks for the advice! I'm not a huge fan of Padme or JJ (nothing against PAdme, just not my thing the way they did that whole story) so I will definitely follow that advice!

    3. My understanding is that the EU very much goes that direction, though I still haven't read a good chunk. My next books to tackle are the New Jedi Order series, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you want a starting point, though, Zahn's Heir to the Empire is the best one for that.

      That really would have been an interesting springboard! As for Padme, I actually really enjoyed how they used her in The clone Wars for the most part, but mostly in how they develop her relationships with other characters. Her standalone episodes -the few that I saw- are pretty meh.

      Can't wait to hear what you think of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles!

  2. Hope you enjoyed The Lake House - I found it a little lengthy. As scorpions - yikes I'd hate to think!!

  3. AREN'T YOU LIKE SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL??? Thanks for mentioning my review! [blushing, grinning, clasping hands]

    I'm glad I made you happy. Xoxoxo

    I think is awesome you and Grandma are such die-hard NBA fans :D LOVE IT I used to watch tons of soccer games with my grandparents. I think their TV was ALWAYS showing a soccer game :) [my family is from Spain so yup that's what is Spain's TV ALL DAY lol]

    1. No problem! Keep the fun reviews coming! ^_^

      Yeah, me and Grandma get a little...*enthusiastic*. That's a good way to put it.