Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fandom Mashup #2 | Honor!

Fandom Mashup Post is a weekly meme hosted by Lunar Rainbow Reviews -and they're super fun!

You've been dishonored by your peers and you must regain your honor at all costs! Which honorable characters are you going to call up to help?

Wesley and Inigo (Princess Bride)
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, until you're ready."
"Again, thank you."
Okay, so the Dread Pirate Roberts and a princess-kidnapping, revenge-obsessed Spaniard might not seem like the ideal honorable characters, but just think of their entire duel! While Wesley scales the cliffs, Inigo tries to gain his trust to help him reach the top. Sure, to kill him, but when Wesley does make it to the top, Inigo gives him time to catch his breath! Neither resort to dirty tricks while fighting -even when facing their cowardly and cheating foes. I don't know about your book, but in mine that's pretty darn honorable.

Speaking of honorable duels...

Mal Reynolds (Firefly)
Remember that time, on that planet, when he fought a duel to defend Inara's honor? What could be more honorable than... oh wait...
...didn't he...
That's right. Let's scratch Mal off the list then, yeah?

Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)Answered in one GIF.
Oh my gosh, have you ever googled 'Zuko honor'? The memes. THE MEMES. How did I not know these existed before?!

Dembe (The Blacklist)Dembe is another interesting one. He's an underworld enforcer/bodyguard. I'm not sure anything he does is legal. The thing is, despite his fierce loyalty -which I would have once called unshakable- he has a very clear line of honor he won't cross nor condone anyone else to cross. So while Dembe's honor isn't conventional, it's definitely strong. I could learn something from him.

Mulan (Disney's Mulan)
Of course Mulan made it onto the list! She wouldn't just help me regain my honor, either; she'd help me realize that sometimes the honor others expect from you isn't the honor you'll earn.

But really. Great as these guys are? There's only one person I need to help me regain my honor...
(Avatar: The Last Airbender)


  1. Uncle Iroh!! I love the addition and now wish I'd added him P.S. too �� And YES the Zuko Honor MEMEs are the best ��❤️

    1. You had some good ones, though! My goodness, I could spend hours looking through those memes. XD

  2. Wesley & Inigo- perfect! I don't know the rest of these but they look like a pretty good crew. :)

    1. Love those two! Realized after the fact that they were the only ones from a book. Oops...
      Thanks for stopping by, Greg!