Thursday, February 26, 2015

REVIEW: Loki, Agent of Asgard: Trust Me


Loki, Agent of Asgard: Trust Me
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Lee Garbett
4 stars

Loki, with all his villainous deeds and dastardly schemes through the centuries, has gone from being the God of Mischief to being the God of Evil.

So what happens when Loki decides he doesn't want to be evil, anymore?

Loki wants to go back being good old classic Loki again, the trickster, the wizard, the mischief maker -but that's no easy fix. There's a cycle in place now that can't be broken, a role that must be filled, prophecies spoken that must come true. But this is Loki we're talking about. In his greatest scheme of all, Loki has figured out a way to give himself a second chance and maybe even cheat Fate. So with a newer, younger version of himself, Loki sets out to complete missions for Asgard's ruling All-Mother in return for erasing the misdeeds of his past self, with his goal ultimately set on changing his destiny.

Three reasons you need to read Trust Me:
  • Loki (obviously)
  • He personalizes Wicked lyrics

This graphic novel is pure fun. Loki is sly and mischievous and I can't quite decide if he's being upfront but I'm totally rooting for him. I really like seeing Loki as a (mostly, maybe, almost) good guy. Don't get me wrong; Loki by no means steps into a hero's role. He's working on his own agenda, and he does it with all the class and style you'd expect from Loki.  

There's something truly magical going on with this story. It's the kind of tale I've always dreamed of reading, one where I root for the character so hard, I'm almost afraid to get to the end, in case they disappoint me. (Don't you dare disappoint me, Loki; don't you dare make this Dark World all over again.) But there's so much to love between now and then. Just think Loki in Dark World, then multiply that by about a thousand, add in some Princess Bride references, and the fact that Loki's at least trying to be a good guy.

Trust Me gets four stars and this story was like candy. Highly addictive, giddiness inducing, green and gold candy.

Get it. Now.


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