Monday, February 23, 2015

AUDIO GIVEAWAY! Emityon: Evolve by S.J. Saunders

Do you know what's surreal? Well, lots of things, but specifically the realization that I have nearly hit 350 subscribers on YouTube. I'm at 342 right now, which ends in 42, which is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, so that's got to be a milestone itself, right?

Partly in celebration, and partly because I like gifting people things, I'm hosting a giveaway for the downloadable audiobook version of Emityon: Evolve, ever graciously provided by it's author S.J. Saunders.

If you don't remember, I did a review for Saunders' book Taovan: Awaken.


So if you want a taste of science and magic and melodramatic villains, step right up!

"A new threat emerges, and the darkness can no longer be contained.
Under the command of its bloodthirsty general, the Supremacy joins forces with a deadly new ally, unleashing carnage with fanatical precision. With war spreading to all corners of Atala, Nadon undergoes a dark metamorphosis; one that threatens to fracture the already-cracking continent and to undermine Nadon's very humanity.
As he alienates those around him and more earth-shattering secrets are revealed, Nadon fights to overcome the darkness inside and to stem the tide of annihilation. In the end, however, there is only one choice to be made, and Nadon must decide what matters to him most-survival or victory."

Don't stop now! Enter the giveaway!

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