Friday, July 18, 2014

Four Videos That Would Have Made School Better

Since we're only halfway through the BookTubeAThon, I'm going to save my reading wrap-up until next Monday. Instead of regaling you with the books I've read this week, we're going to talk about school. At least, what might have made things better.

When I was of the age, it bugged me that the lessons were so boring. I really didn't think there was any escaping that. School lessons were generally boring. Period.

Now there's always that one teacher -at least in the shows and books- that finds a way to make class interesting and fun, but it didn't change the fact that the curriculum itself was boring. I bet the creators themselves yawned so often writing it up they wore out their jaws. They could have used up their allotted jaw-muscle movements with unnecessary yawnage and now face the inconvenience of never quite getting them closed. Perhaps they wander about, mouths half-open, in a perpetual appearance of awe.

Back to the point.

I no longer think school has to be boring. It's not a mandatory thing, it's a convenience thing. I say convenience, because most schooling still follows a system of education well over a hundred years old. We've updated nearly everything else into the 21st century -why not education?

School would have been so much easier, so much better, if we'd had people like 'Weird Al' helping out with the curriculum. Instead of the 'i' before 'e' ditty that tumblr-ites have taken great pleasure pulling apart, we could have something more like this:


Or Glove and Boots could have related to us on a deeper level (referring to the Sherlock reference here) to demonstrate rules of grammar:

The Numb3rs professors definitely would have retained my interest in physics or math:

Even Alton Brown does a better job teaching me science than my high school science class and he's a chef:


Sock puppets. Some puns. Crazy experiments to show us science can be fun, instead of telling us it can be. Maybe a teacher with crazy Einstein hair from which he frequently rescued pencils or small dogs. That's not too much to ask, is it?

I want to learn. I think most kids do, too. We just need a little help keeping our brains awake. We want school to be fun.

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