Monday, July 21, 2014

BookTubeAThon Wrap Up and Recovery

The BookTubeAThon has come to an end. It makes me sad, but it also means I can catch up on much-needed sleep. (Coffee? Someone please give me caffeine?!) One would think after all this reading I'd want a break, but no. I want to immerse myself in even more books. I want to lie on a pile of them as I read page after page.


Until next year, then.

I managed to finish 4 books during the BookTubeAThon, which doesn't come close to my ridiculously optimistic 11, but it is over 1407 pages. *jaw drops* That's almost 1500! If those were dollars instead of pages, that would be enough to by a pretty nice computer! If those were days instead of pages, I'd be 3.8 years older!

So yeah, I'm pretty happy with that.

The Reading Challenges

Of the seven Reading Challenges, I intended to tackle six. I actually finished 3:
  • A book with pictures
  • A book with red on the cover
  • A book from a genre you've read the least this year
  • Read (and watch) a book to movie adaptation
  • A book someone else picks out for you
  • Read seven books (or an average of 300 pages a day)
  • Start and finish a series

The Video Challenges

I really dropped the ball on the video challenges. Time was not something I had in generous supply, and I spent most of that reading.
Bonus video! BOOK DOMINOES!

The Books

Of the eleven selected, I finished these four:

The Experience

The hosts of the BookTubeAThon are brilliant. I doubt they spent very much time reading, because they were putting together awesome reading sprints on Twitter, featuring challenges, holding giveaway contests, and making sure everyone else was having fun.

Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen. I'm looking forward to Year 3!

Of all the challenges that I saw, I think my favorite ones had to be these two hilarious recreated Twilight scenes:


Seriously, though, next year? Realistic reading goals and MORE CHALLENGES!

How do I plan to recover after a week of non-stop reading? Tonight, sleep. Until then, COFFEE. And making up lost time in writing, of course. And may going a *little* crazy...
Java, java, java, java, JAVA!

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