Friday, July 25, 2014

ENLISTED -5 Reasons This Cancelled Show Is Worth Watching

Every once in a great while you find a show that's more than a show. Something that has depth and genuine feeling, something that can take on heavy topics without weighing you down, something that can make you laugh and cry all at once.

Enlisted, described as a workplace comedy by creator Kevin Biegel, is just such a show.

There are a lot of things I could say in a heart-felt gush to make you watch this (in fact, I did that right here), but I'll sum it up with my five favorite things.

  1. This show is not afraid to take on serious issues that exist for our soldiers, like PTSD and outliving friends, and it's done incredibly well. Kevin Biegel's secret? "I think when I get emotional it doesn't trickle out, the damn just kinda bursts then self-heals, and that seemed to be a good approach to the show: be funny, but don't be scared to jump from funny right into the heavier stuff."
  2. It has a lot of heart. #handsonhead

  3. Brotherly love. Wacky, crazy, caring, and dysfunctional brotherly love, but brotherly love all the same.
  4. The jokes are not at the expense of the military and its dedicated service men and women or a satire of it.
  5. It's hilarious. I split my sides laughing in every. single. episode.

Enlisted has been cancelled by FOX, but there is still hope that another network or Yahoo! Screen will pick up the military comedy. Critics and fans alike are not shy about telling the world cancelling this show was a mistake, and creator Kevin Biegel isn't ready to give up on it, so there's still a chance we can see more seasons.

I see your hesitation. Nobody likes to jump right into a show that's been cancelled. It's like starting a doomed relationship. That's okay. I get it. As a fangirl, I commend your caution, so let's answer some of those questions.

Why was the show cancelled? 
The general consensus is that FOX wasn't sure how to market it or what demographic to pitch it to. As with so many others, Enlisted was shuffled between different nights and times, which didn't help any more than the Friday night death slot it inhabited for awhile.

Is there a cliffhanger ending? 
Thankfully, no. (Isn't that the worst?) The season one finale, while not intended to be a series finale, wraps up at a nice point in Pete's personal arc that will leave you with warm fuzzies and the overwhelming urge to hug your closest family member (that's physical distance, not emotional).

Is it re-watchable?
Definitely. I watched the pilot three times the week it aired and it was just as funny as the first time. Every episode is like this.

Is the show really worth it?
YES. Only thirteen episodes (currently) exist, but you will be better off for watching them. You'll be sad when it's over, true, but what Enlisted gives in heart makes up for the heartache.

Still not sure? Then I dare you. I dare you to watch at least one episode -even a few minutes of an episode- and decide whether twelve more is better than none at all.

If you want to help save Enlisted, following these people on Twitter is a great place to start.
  1. Kevin Biegel: @kbeigel
  2. Mike Royce: @MikeRoyce
  3. @MyVogonPoetry

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