Monday, May 12, 2014

My Favorite Quote from the Fellowship. Seriously.

So I'm cuddled on the couch, re-watching the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time in years, on single-digit volume late late at night, trying not to wake anyone in the house, and it hits me. This movie is epic. Stunning. In all ways awesome. And I realize what my favorite line is.

"Let's hunt some orc."

Not some poignant quote on humanity, not a beacon of hope or optimism in the midst of the dark, not a moment of valiance and bravery. Not the stirring love of Aragorn and Arwen, the devotion of Samwise Gamgee, or the strength and determination of the Fellowship.

Nope, I like "Let's hunt some orc." Complete, of course, with the dramatic shink as Aragorn slams his dagger into its sheath, Gimli's battle cry, and Legolas's rather bloodthirsty smile. Every time it makes me grin. Every. Single. Time.

This may say something about my psychological condition, but really I think it just explains my penchant for action movies.

In other news, referring to my post on Friday concerning the wonderful days of May and its effect on the kitchen chalkboard, this happened:

 Can I just say I love my family?

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