Friday, May 23, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Crystal Bridge by Charlie Pulsipher

This week, I finished off a sci-fi book that blew my mind. More than that, it actually got me more interested in science and science fiction again

Check out my book review of The Crystal Bridge, book one of The Lost Shards series by Charlie Pulsipher. I gave this book five stars and, yeah, you should probably read it.

This booktube video kind of turned into a look at the sci-fi genre as a whole because I realized that I don't read as much sci-fi as I like to think I do. The book has great plot and fun characters, but I loved how brilliantly it handled the sci-fi elements. They weren't dumbed down; Pulsipher doesn't shy from complicated science, but he makes sure you understand it through example and context. This book made me feel smart. I grasped the technological concepts, instead of sitting back and scratching my head (as happens with me and sci-fi).

Did I mention great plot? Fun characters? Oh, and dragons. Definitely don't forget those.

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