Monday, July 3, 2017

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Update on Summer Reading 2017!

 What I'm Reading: 

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Specter of the Past by Timothy Zahn Star Wars
I LOVE ZAHN'S STAR WARS BOOKS! Seriously, he's the one who really got me into reading Star Wars books and now that I'm reading another of his (finally!) I remember how much I love him. I mean, who else is going to talk about the 'psychological presence of TIE fighters' and give Luke a moral debate on whether or not becoming too powerful in the Force is another path leading to the Dark Side?!

Battlefront: Twilight Company by Anthony Freed Star Wars (audio)

Still enjoying this, and almost finished too. *fist pump*

 What I Read: 

The Best Blades Star Wars: Clone Wars, vol 5
One thing I love about the Clone Wars -in all of its incarnations- is the variety of stories, characters, and genres. This one has a lot more stories about shady politics and the Jedi morals in the face of the war, which I found pretty interesting. The shady politics aspect of the Star Wars universe works a lot better in small doses like this, in my humble opinion. I may be misremembering, but I recall a lot of politics in the prequels, and a lot that I had a hard time grasping when I was younger.

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
Interesting book of essays from 1984 about Postman's observations and predictions on how television will effect us, our society, our thought processes, education, and the way the world works in general.

Nothing Left to Lose by Dan Wells John Cleaver #6
One of my Most Anticipated Books of 2017, this book is wonderful, creepy, amazing, and the perfect ending to a series but I can't really talk about it because I decided (a long time ago) that these reviews would be my comeback video reviews so I've been saving them. Now that that time is drawing closer, I can't back out of that plan now, can I?!

 Internet Shenanigans 

Last week (I think it was Friday) the Google doodle of the day was a celebration of Victor Hugo, which was a bit of a coincidence for me, because just the night before I discovered a cover of 'Hellfire' from the Disney adaptation I hadn't seen before.

Okay, to call it a 'cover' is a bit of a stretch. It was 'Google Translate Sings: Hellfire' from Malinda Kathleen Reese's channel, featuring Jonathan Young. Now, I'm a big Jonathan Young fan, which I may have mentioned; I love his Disney covers, but his (serious) cover of 'Hellfire' is one of his best and definitely THE best version of the song I've heard. Go listen to it. Right now. And then come back.

So of course I had to watch the Google Translate version. It did not disappoint.

Back to the Victor Hugo Google doodle. (whew. Say that ten times fast.) I jumped over to the 'learn more' section Google provided and discovered that Victor Huge lived on -and loved!- Guernsey! Of all places, Guernsey island! Of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society fame!

The things you learn. The things you discover.

 In Real Life 

I've been talking about how I'm going to start my YouTube channel back up again and, well, that's still the plan. And it just kicked into overdrive -in a slightly different direction.

I've just signed up for Jumpcut Academy to learn more about how to successfully use YouTube!

I'm very excited about this! And nervous. I'm both. Definitely. I'm really happy to get back into YouTube, but even happier having a resource now that will help me understand it all better. I don't know how this will effect my plan to start posting videos by August, so that's in limbo for the moment. This is going to be a huge commitment on my part, but the goal is to NOT let the blog suffer for it. I'll still be posting at least once a week here, more when I can.

I can't wait to see where this takes me! ^_^


This is the most I've written in such a short span of time in a very long time! And so far, I love the progress I'm making story-wise too. <3 I'm only writing every other day, so hopefully I can keep up the pace!

  What's new with you? 


  1. Wow, looks like you had a great reading week!

    Good luck with your YouTube Channel - I am very impressed! I've never tried videos, but I should - hope it goes well for you!

    Hope you will consider joining my Big Book Summer Challenge this summer - you only need to read one book of 400+ pages to join the fun! Enjoy your books this week -


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge

  2. Ooh Specter of the Past sounds great. I just finished my first Zahn book but he seems to have the manneriems and language down, and the feel- it's fast moving without being TOO fast moving, if that makes sense. I will definitely be reading more of him, and I'm kinda having that Star Wars feel from his writing that I haven't gotten from the new stuff yet? I love the idea of Luke having to wrestle with those kinds of questions, as well. It would be hard to be the last Jedi, with no mentor anymore or guiding light!

    Good luck with the writing!