Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I caught the pilot of Powerless and I've gotta say, so far, I'm impressed.

I don't watch a lot of comedy shows for two reasons:
1: The humor is too raunchy or self-deprecating
2: The story isn't very interesting to me. I easily get bored with half-hour sitcom story lines.

1: The humor in Powerless is warm and genuine; it doesn't come at the expense of characters, but in the pursuit of happiness and improvement. The story and main character Emily Locke are empowered in the face of skepticism and pessimism and this sets an upbeat tone for the show that I love. It's bright and cheerful and just fun.
DC even pokes some good-natured fun at itself and some of the idiosyncrasies within it's universe that had me in stitches.

2: How do mere mortals cope in a world of superheroes? This is a premise that has long fascinated me and turning it into a comedy is a stroke of genius. This is a story line that won't get boring any time soon.

I have high hopes for Powerless. It will be interesting to see how they maintain the balance of superheroes vs. non-superheroes. Will they resist the urge to add a superhero or alter ego to the dynamic? If they do, will said super come to rely on the R&D to save the day or will the R&D team continue to make differences in more subtle ways?

In short, Powerless is a feel-good comedy about doing good even when it seems like a losing battle and this is something I want more of.

Is Powerless worth watching?
It's definitely worth a shot.


  1. I somehow have missed seeing anything about this, but it looks really good. I'll definitely be looking for it now. :)

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings