Monday, June 30, 2014

The Return of Korra! Plus, Giveaway Winner

Return of Korra

Right from the trailer, I knew Book 3: Change had the potential to be the best Legend of Korra season yet. But now it might actually be true.

Reason #1 -
I have, and always will be, a Zuko fangirl.

Reason #2 -In the first three episodes we've already seen some much-needed character interactions and reactions. Asami's role has returned to a more central point; I have my fingers crossed she won't get pushed into the background again. She and Korra have had some bonding time, which I really needed to see. Ever since Mako's switch from Asami to Korra, the two gal pals haven't had much screen time, and I wasn't sure how their friendship was going to play out.
Which brings us to Mako. Awkward, awkward Mako. I really needed this one. All my disapproval and disappointment of Mako's poor way of handling things essentially evaporated when he couldn't put two words together in front of the girls. (Also, Korra and Asami having a little laugh at his expense is icing on the proverbial cake.)
This friendly understanding is so much better than over-extended relationship drama, so I'm glad Bryke handled it this way.

Reason #3 -AIRBENDING. Like, seriously. Random airbenders popping up all over the world. People who have the chance to restore an entire civilization. People who, of course, have their own lives to be concerned about. I love this blessing/complication because it's so messy and intriguing. As always, Bryke have managed to twist a great storyline with genuine adversities.
Plus, the fact that Bumi is now an airbender... *squee!*

Reason #4 -I'm loving the ATLA nostalgia poured into these first three episodes. The Avatar and her team off on a globe-trotting adventure, a dangerous conspiracy in Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li (Dai Li! Dai Li! Dai Li!), and pretty soon the Avatar is going to be helping out the less fortunate along her travels. (The gang of outlaws? They're totally going to teach Korra to ride those motorcycles. Mark my words.)
I've loved LoK because it has such a different feel and formula than ATLA. It's unique. I've enjoyed staying in one place for whole season, to get a better taste for them, for a little in-depth exploration. But as much as I love Republic City, curiosity about what the rest of the world looks like in the future has been killing me.

I still have questions about where this season is going. Who are the mysterious convicts from different corners of the world? What is their goal?
What about the spirits? Are they only in Republic City, or are they now roaming the entire world? Other than the return of airbenders, how will the joined realms effect the world? Will Team Avatar get a spirit memeber?
And why does the Internet seem to hate Kai? Personally, I love this kid. He's a cocky scamp  who needs guidance and, while Bolin has designated himself 'big brother', I have a feeling Kai is mostly going to fall under Mako. I cannot wait to see this develop. ^_^

So, yeah. 'Change' might be the best Legend of Korra season yet.

Giveaway Winner

Now on to what you've all been waiting for -the winner of the Silver Series Mass Book Giveaway!

Drum roll, please... 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Mark. I've already sent you an email about your winnings. Enjoy!

Thanks, everyone, for entering and making this giveaway a success. Don't forget: you can still get a copy of Silver by Cheree Alsop, the first book of the series, for free at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I loved seeing Zuko again too! Too bad he’s only given us cameo appearances so far. Ah well, more to come no doubt. I predict that even after all his experience as emperor, Zuko will still feel daunted and intimidated by the job. I also predict more flashbacks, where we get to see old team Avatar as adults confronting those mysterious convicts.

    Tenzin was way overly optimistic regarding recruiting people to become air nomads, and I LOLed a few times during the sales pitch montage. Really though who WOULD want to become a monk? I understand how much it means to Tenzin of course, more so after reading the comic books in which Aang talks about how much it means to him, but this is a HUGE commitment he is asking of people here. Korra was (unsurprisingly) no more understanding. And ya, more Bumi can only be a good thing.

    Speaking of connections to the comics, comments from the Earth Kingdom Dai Li about Republic City being Earth Kingdom territory fit quite nicely with the comics as well. I can certainly see someone, especially if they have never visited the area, having the same views as the Dai Li. That land was taken by the Fire Nation by force after all. Anyway, I predict that the plight of the poor will be the central theme of this season, as well as government greed and corruption. Interesting question really: Should someone’s wealth legally obtained through immoral means really belong to that person?

    Now that you mention it, it IS a bit strange that we have not seen any spirits (or spirit related problems) outside of Republic City. But I definitely got the distinct impression that this was going to be a worldwide phenomenon last season. Maybe other spirits are just choosing to keep their distance?

    We learn from Tenzin it’s only been 70 years since the events of Avatar the Last Airbender, which is much less than I thought. I’ll guess Korra’s age at 16, so that means Aang only lived about 54 years after the show ended, putting him in about his mid to late 60s when he died. I wonder if it was a natural death...

    ROFL at New World Order question for Korra.

    I didn’t realise the internet did not like Kai. Out of curiosity, is there a popular Legend of Korra forum you’re getting this from?

    1. More Zuko is a must and I live for Team Avatar flashbacks. ^_^

      I seem to remember hearing that Aang's death was natural. He died so young because of the 100 years he spent in the iceberg. It exhausted his lifespan.

      As far as Kai, there's no forum in particular, I've just seen/heard some stuff online.