Friday, June 27, 2014

My Week in Review: The Joys of ReReading

The Joys of ReReading

Currently, I'm rereading Shelby Bach's The Ever Afters in preparation for the recently released epic third volume, Of Sorcery and Snow. To date, this is the only series I've reread every year in honor of the newest book, and every year my thought process is pretty much the same.

Year One:

"Ohmygosh, this book is amazing! I just want to relive it for awhile. Wait, it's three am?"

Year Two:  

"They're just as good as the first read. I didn't even skim. I usually skim rereads to get to the good parts. This is all good parts! I will never pick up this book and NOT be happy! This series is incredible. Why isn't everyone reading this? Wait, it's five am already?!"

Year Three: 

"EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS. I will start by making everyone I know read it and soon this series will rule the literary world! ...No, no, it can't be two am. I'm not finished yet."

You can check out my video reviews for Of Giants and Ice and Of Witches and Wind, but what you really want to know is that they each have five stars from me and a big 'To Read' sticker.

Seriously, why aren't you reading this yet?

The Writing Corner

Just a quick writing update, but I am officially halfway through revising my novel. Yeehaw! The pages may bleed volumes of red ink, but I know it's a worthy sacrifice. My pace is slower than I would like of late, so I'm going to kick it up next week. *crosses fingers*

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