Monday, June 23, 2014

Adventures in Cooking!

Cooking is not a skill I sharpen much, let alone wield. (It seems to be a side effect when you live with three cooks.) One of my goals this year is to actually spend some time in the kitchen and learn a few recipes.

Yesterday was quite a first step in this new adventure. It started out with the pizza. My dad and I made a margarita pizza -from scratch, I might add. Kneading dough is actually pretty fun. I thought I would have a problem with the texture, but it was a lot like playing with Play-doh. To which my Dad answered, 'That's why they call it play dough.'

I don't have any pictures of the pizza, but this is the chana masala I made with a friend last night. It turned out really, really well, which made me very happy. ^_^

And it was delicious!
I think I might like this cooking thing.

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