Monday, April 14, 2014

The Five Best Things About Sherlock S3

Number 5: Mary (Pre-His Last Vow)

This was one of my favorite moments, when you realize
Mary is running the show unbeknownst to John and Sherlock.
Bringing in this character was a dangerous move, as she could have ruined the great chemistry between Sherlock and John. Instead, she adds to it. She has her own chemistry with both characters -Mary and John are one of my favorite TV couples and her interaction with is Sherlock is priceless- but she also ensures that the chemistry of the friends remains. She recognizes their uncertainty about how to handle the coming changes to their relationship, and she plays them both like fiddles in an attempt to show them it doesn't have to change.

I watched the first episode twice before finishing the series, so I had awhile to become acquainted with Mary, and I fell in love with this character right from the proposal scene.

Number 4: The Parents

John summed it up. They were just so...normal. Seeing Sherlock and Mycroft with their parents was a treat, but the best part was watching Mr. and Mrs. Holmes playing mom and dad to these iconic characters.

Number 3: Mycroft Has Feeeeelings

Mycroft: If something were to happen to you, it would break my heart.
Sherlock: What the hell am I supposed to do with that?!
After Mycroft spent the first two seasons dissing 'sentiment' and 'emotional attachments', it was nice to see him come right out and say he loves Sherlock. We knew that, of course, but it's nice to see Mycroft coming to terms with it.

There were so many great brother moments this series!

Number 2: Sherlock's Development

Sherlock is acting human to most of his friends. Human. With emotions, and best man speeches, and jokes, and anecdotes, and consideration for other people's feelings! *cough*MollyHooper*cough*

I love this so. freaking. much.

I read an article awhile back in which someone was nitpicking about whether or not Sherlock truly was a 'high-functioning sociopath', and someone pointed out the most gut-punching, awww-inducing theory.

I always thought that Sherlock calling himself a sociopath was more of just a shield he put up around himself, to try and convince others of that fact, giving himself one more protection against emotion. If others thought him incapable of it, then they would be less likely to press it. Also, if Moriarty had though him a sociopath, then the events of Reichenbach could have never happened.The writers included that so that they could prove it wrong as the series progressed.
I have loved this theory since I first read it, and this season, I felt like it was actually true. Gah! FEELS!

Number 1: MARY

Okay, okay. Let me just say, I would have been perfectly content had Mary remained merely Mary, no deep dark past attached. My first reaction was actually dismay, but the more of His Last Vow I watched, the more I realized they can pull it off.


First of all, Mary is just such a freaking awesome character. AWESOME. She has great personality and, per Best Thing Number 5, she has such great chemistry with both John and Sherlock. I thought it then, and I still think it now, the opening for His Last Vow was the best interaction with all the titular characters to date.

Secondly, this shocking truth doesn't appear to change said awesome personality. So long as Mary (or whatever her name is) remains the Mary I've come to absolutely love, I don't have a problem with it. Plus, it will probably lead to some fun -if cliche- story lines in the future. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the reformed bad guy trope.

Thirdly, Sherlock has presented this bizarre and completely intriguing idea that John Watson is an adrenaline junkie addicted to a certain lifestyle and drawn to a particular kind of psychopath. It's weird, but I love it, and have I mentioned I love the chemistry between John and Mary?

I pity whatever villain in the future attempts to take advantage of dear Mrs. Watson and the little Watson spawn. Lestrade will have fun cleaning up that crime scene.

And that's it, my top five favorite things about Sherlock series 3. What about yours?

And I'll just leave you with this little tidbit...


What exactly did Mycroft mean by this?


  1. Wait, the 3rd season is out? Nice. But now I have to wait for it on Netflix. At least I know it's coming. :)

    1. Ahh, Netflix. I'm just beginning to experience the joys of that site. You might want to check if your library has the third season. The wait could be shorter. ;)