Friday, April 11, 2014

My Week in Review: April 11

River Walk Discoveries

One thing I do love about living in the southwest is the sunshine. Coming from the Oregon coast, this idea of short-sleeved, 80 degree weather eight months out of the year -it was foreign.
But I'm quickly adapting.
Only April, and already we have days too gorgeous to waste. I’ve started taking walks again. Came across this strange creature by the river. My sister thinks it’s a giraffe, but I’m thinking a plesiosaur…

Nessie’s cousin in St George?

We also stumbled across some pictographs on a (huge) rock that had fallen into the river.

We tried to find where above they'd come from, and whether there were any more, but no luck.

Just goes to show, you never know what you'll stumble across when you get out and start looking. 

Fab Vocab

This week I found a plethora of new and interesting words!

  1. Recalcitrant: Resisting control or hard to handle
  2. Parvenu: Someone newly rich or influential
  3. Tarradiddle: Silly pretentious speech or writing; twaddle


What I'm Watching


I’m on a Philip Glenister kick, and this was the first of his shows I could get my hands on. (Many thanks to philipglenisterfans at tumblr for enabling my new-found addiction with an entire list of Glenister's acting credits.) Yes, that's him featured on the cover.

So far I’m loving it. First of all, it’s a BBC period drama miniseries. Usually I don’t need to know more than that. In fact, aside from Glenister's presence, the only thing I did know was that it was based off the novels of Elizabeth Gaskell, of North and South fame. I assumed it would be an N&S style love story, but it isn’t. It revolves around a small town in the English country right around the Industrial Revolution and the changes that brings. It’s part Stars Hallow, part regency romance, and I can’t get enough. It’s hilarious one second, moving the next, and completely devastating after that.

One thing: THEY'RE NOT AFRAID TO KILL CHARACTERS. Just warning you.

In Reading News

Despite my best efforts, I did not finish a book this week. Apparently a total stranger and I are fighting over my library’s only copy of The Black Count by Tom Reiss. I had to surrender it, but in two weeks it’s mine again. Muahaha.

To keep me company until then, I have The Stone of Valhalla by Mikey Brooks and the audio of the second book in The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series by Maryrose Wood, TheHidden Gallery. So far, it’s even better than the last one!

If you want to check out my video for the week, here's a handy link.

Now, What Are YOU Reading?

Come on now, don't be shy. I love to hear what other people are reading!

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