Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Return to BookTube Tag!

Today is very exciting because today marks my official comeback to BookTube!

For those of you who don't know, 'BookTube' is a YouTube community of readers. There are thousands of channels with videos from book reviews and monthly 'wrap ups' of recent reads to discussions on reading or the publishing industry and in-depth looks at favorite (or least favorite) books. It's a great community for passionate readers.

And if you didn't know, I was once a very active booktuber, but I took an unexpected hiatus when my video editor started crashing on me every 30 seconds or so. (That was a very, very dark time, trust you me.) So a complete overhaul of my video-making system and two years later, I finally stomped on that dastardly fiend Procrastination, took the plunge, and now I'm back to making videos.


I have always loved talking about books, whether on YouTube or here on my blog, but there's a certain type of crazy enthusiasm I only find while filming booktube videos.

And thanks to my friend, collaborator, and co-conspirator at BritishBiblioholic, I AM BACK!

No worries! I'm not leaving the blog; we're not talking an either/or situation here. One of my big problems with booktube is that I usually have SO MANY topics and ideas that I can't keep up with them on videos alone, so that content will become 'Blog Exclusives'. (Woo-hoo-hoo, look who's gettin' fancy!)

So if you enjoy my book reviews here, definitely check out my YouTube channel!

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