Monday, November 27, 2017

Author Interview: Iain Reading

Iain Reading -author of The Dragon of the Month Club, The Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, and Wizards of Waterfire- agreed to answer some interview questions.

And I love putting together interview questions. *cue evil laughter*

Amanda: Do you have a favorite character in the story?

Iain: I think I really really like Ayana a lot. I love how tough she is and how vulnerable she is and how much she misses her old life in Vancouver. But mostly I love how brave and tough she is and how she wants to much to be even more like that.

A: If you could conjure any dragon from THE BOOK, which one would it be and why?

I: It would definitely be Kami, the little paper dragon. I have this image of her in my mind that she flutters around like a butterfly, mimicking her surroundings like a chameleon with flashing pencil sketches on her wings. She is also, I believe, the only female dragon in the book, which makes her extra special.

A: If you miscast a spell and wound up traveling through the books by your bed, where would you be?

I: I think if that happened I would be in real trouble. Right at this moment I would end up in the worlds of Jeff Vandermeer, Lee Child and (worst of all) Stephen King! What a nightmare!

A: Do you think you'd survive as well as Ayana and Tyler?

I: Ummmmm. No. No way. Ayana and Tyler are WAY more resourceful and brave than I am. Plus, if I ended up on the streets of Derry, Maine, the first place I would go is to find those kids from the book It.

A: Swim or fly?

I: Ha ha ha. Fly!!!!

A: Pie or cake?

I: Pie! Definitely! Strawberry rhubarb is awesome!

A: What, if anything, inspired you to write this book?

I: Oddly enough, it was watching reruns of the TV show Modern Family. The episode where Jay has a subscription to the Sausage of the Month Club – which got me thinking.... what if there was a dragon of the month club? What would that be like? I had no idea. But the next day it suddenly came to me. And the book (and club) were born.

A: What are you working on now?

I: I am working on several things right now, including a second book of the dragon of the month club (see next question). The two other things I am working on are the sixth book to my Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency series and an unpublished book about magic (and other things).

A: When can we expect the next dragon of the month club book?

I: This is the big question on many people's minds! (Mine included) I have been asked many times in recent months about this and everyone will be glad to know that I am taking Christmas off this year and I will make a HUGE effort to finish the book early next year. I am already about halfway through it and it's really wonderful.

Let's hope Mr. Reading doesn't miscast any spells soon! I wouldn't want to try surviving a Stephen King novel either. (Yikes!)

To learn more about Iain Reading and his books, just hop over to his website.

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But before you go, I want to know: If you wound up on a magical adventure through the books by your bed right now, where would YOU be?

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