Thursday, August 25, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week #5 -Which Character Outside the HP World Would Do Well at Hogwarts?

Harry Potter Moment of the Week
started and hosted by Leah @ Uncorked Thoughts
& co-hosted by Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

Which character outside the Harry Potter world would do well at Hogwarts?

1. Artemis Fowl
Admit it. The thought of little Arty -criminal genius known for exploiting magical creatures- wandering around with a wand sent a chill down your spine. Can you imagine the adventures? The mischief? We got a taste of what Artemis would be like with magic, but I'd love a longer look at that. He would dominate every class Hogwarts offered; Hermione Granger would become a name of the past. And obviously he'd be sorted into Slytherin, so I imagine he'd be a new favorite of Professor Snape. (Though I think Artemis would secretly prefer McGonagall's dry wit.)
I seriously love this.

2. Princess Cimorene

by Alecueous (via Deviantart)

Cimorene has determination and skill in spades. What she wants, she goes after, no matter what. Even being called a 'Mudblood' wouldn't phase her. She'd douse that wizard with soapy lemon-scented water. Our unconventional princess has already shown a penchant for magic and I would love to see her duel Professor Snape.

3. Charles Wallace Murry
Why not? The kid seems to grasp the inner workings of the universe without blinking. Just make sure he doesn't experiment too much with the Dark Arts; wouldn't due to have him come under someone else's influence again.

4. Toph Beifong

Mostly, I want to see her hanging out with Fred and George. Peeves could take some lessons from her.

5. Georgiana Darcy
An education at Hogwarts should, of course, be a pinnacle in the upbringing of an accomplished lady. (Let the fanfictions commence.)

I woke up this morning and realized I missed someone very important.

6. Inigo Montoya
Our favorite vengeful Spaniard could definitely learn a thing or two at Hogwarts to further his quest for revenge, though I think we all know he couldn't in good conscience simply revert to using and Avada Kedavra spell. There's no honor or skill in that, but a few divination spells would certainly narrow down that search time. (And Hogwarts training could definitely be useful in the life of the Dread Pirate Roberts.)
I haven't decided yet whether Inigo would be sorted into Slytherin or Gryffindor, because he's got qualities for both.

This was such a fun question to do! I've been giggling the whole time. ^_^
Who do you think would do well at Hogwarts?   


  1. OMG Toph with Fred and George? I think Hogwarts would get blown up LOL! But then again, Toph could easily rebuild it :D Princess Cimorene would definitely fit right in there: unconventional and rebellious! I still need to meet Artemis Fowl *hides* but I'm planning on fixing that SOON! Awesome selection here^^

    1. Artemis Fowl is a must! I'm a little jealous you'll have this picture of him running around as a Slytherin when you first start. ^_^
      Even if Toph rebuilds, Hogwarts might never survive The Melon Lord! Muahahahaha!