Monday, December 8, 2014

Thoughts on The Librarians Premiere

The Librarians has been one of my most anticipated shows of the year. As such, I wanted to share a few thoughts on last night's premiere.

We are returned to the fun but frantic world of the Library, full of mythical and magical treasures, without much change in the ten years that have passed. At least, until someone is murdered at the Library's door.

While still following the same basic premise of the original films (Librarian tries to out-hunt bad guys to a magical artifact), the series has upped the stakes a little by taking away a major asset and adding a sudden redistribution of magic back into the world. One can only imagine the repercussions, though I understand a dragon is somewhere in our future. The show feels like a natural and long-overdue extension of The Librarian universe and my only question is: Where has this show been all these years?

I loved that Noah Wyle, Jane Curtain, and Bob Newhart reprised their original film roles, and especially that Wyle (perhaps all three) will maintain a reoccurring role. Also, the new cast is fun and interesting. Many people were sold by the presence of Christian Kane (who could really blame them?) but all five of the new characters have great quirks and they all make me laugh. That's very important. I'm excited to see them develop. 

While there was despair, death, betrayal, and the potential destruction of earth as we know it, The Librarians kept to the sense of fun and adventure that made the movies such a joy to watch, and that in my opinion is key. A show like this can't become too serious, or it loses some of its irresistible flavor.

Not only will fans of the movies (and Christian Kane) like this show, but I think it could do a good job filling the void left by the end of Warehouse 13. Both shows share many similar qualities. Like, the basic premise. So Warehouse fans? Give it a shot!

The Librarians was, in short, everything I hoped it would be.

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