Monday, November 17, 2014

MASH [Book Edition]

Remember MASH -Mansion Apartment Shack House- that fortune-telling game we used to play as kids? My sister and I would spend hours playing this (invariably her choice of vehicle would always include a tank, but I think that will be hard to find on the car lot).

jessethereader, a fellow booktuber over on YouTube, has invented MASH Book Edition and it has taken the community by storm, for good reason. The categories are World, Job, Transportation, Best Friend, Pet, with of course the classic Husband and Kids, and ALL of the answers must come from a book.

How could I resist playing that?!

I'm going to be totally addicted to this game, aren't I? There are just so many possibilities!

I know you're all tempted to give it a try now, and I want to hear your results in the comments. ;)

Corny Joke of the Week!
You know by now that a corny joke on Monday is how I set a good tone for the rest of the week. Usually this is featured in the sidebar, and it will continue to be, but it's first appearance will be right here on Monday's blog post.

If everyone in the country drove white vehicles, what would we be called?
A white car-nation.
*ba da ba sssss*

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