Thursday, October 9, 2014

PlotNoWriMo: Brainstorm

Arr, look at that horizon. A brainstorm's a-brewin, matey!

I apologize this is up so late this morning *coughcough* -afternoon. Things got a little crazy when I came down with a fever, but no fear! I'm doing much better, and Step Two in the plotting process is here.


This second week is aimed at fleshing out The Idea from week one, with the dual goals of providing you with enough material for a novel and filling in the inevitable gaps and holes of The Idea.

Brainstorm like the wind, my plotters!

Ask any questions in the comments below or with #PlotBender on Twitter. Heck, let's make this a party. Let me know how you're doing and whether you've discovered more effective ways to plot.

PlotNoWriMo Schedule:

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