Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Nerd Problems by Epic Reads, Plus Some Doctor Who

I came across these last night and could not resist sharing them. Book Nerd Problems by Epic Reads.

Frozen fishsticks.

I mean, CAN YOU RELATE OR WHAT? Especially the eating one, sheesh.

Speaking of nerd problems -and I know this has been awhile- but did anybody else have closure issues with the departure of the Ponds in Doctor Who? (See, I told you this was awhile back.)

And did anybody else not know about the unfilmed extra scene where Rory's dad finds out what happened? Because I only heard about it yesterday, and this is gold. GOLD.

How did this not wind up in the episode? HOW?!

I'm feeling very exclamatory, apparently. But why shouldn't I? My first Q&A went pretty well, it's a beautiful new week, and there's a brand new joke up in the sidebar for Corny Joke Monday. No, seriously, check that out. There is no better way to start your Monday, I guarantee.

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