Monday, October 23, 2017

Back in Black + The Road to Ragnarok

Welcome to the new and improved blogging grounds! I hope you love the new look as much as I do. I've got to admit, it feels so much more comfortable. As opposed to my last slap-something-on-to-look-presentable design, I feel at home here. And the best part? It totally matches the style I've been using on my YouTube channel for ages!

Never again will I belittle the effect of a good design!

I'm sorry I haven't been around the last couple of weeks. Getting back into the saddle has been harder than I thought it would be, and talking about these things I love has been harder, too. I've been distracting myself away from them with 'worthy' tasks -like rebranding the blog and designing a fancy logo. But that's just another form of procrastination. I don't need a fancy logo -my new blogger banner will work just fine- and I don't need to create an elaborate, stop-motion intro before I start reviewing books again, either. (Though, admittedly, the elaborate stop-motion thing is definitely something I'll be playing with.)

I just need to blog. I just need to review the books I read, fangirl over the things I love, and anticipate upcoming releases in the most entertaining way I can.

Like Thor: Ragnarok.

So let's talk Thor: Ragnarok.

The Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Loki
Obviously, Loki. What has he been up to since Thor: Dark World? I mean,  WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT HE DID IN ASGARD AND WHAT HE DID WITH ODIN. Why is he here now? Why is he helping Thor? Is he running from something, trying to set things right, or setting up a new scheme? But as much as I love Loki and love to fantasize about a Loki turned good, I'm most looking forward to the day when Loki actually figures out what he wants. He's been the bad guy, he's been the almost good guy, he's done a lot of things and played a lot of roles, but when it comes right down to it, I don't think Loki has figured out what it is that he wants yet. Revenge? Acceptance?

2. Thor and Loki's Relationship and Dynamic*
I'm sorry, but the total big brother/little brother interaction between Thor and Loki in Dark World is still one of my favorite things in the MCU to date. Wait, why am I sorry about that?

3. Hela
I'm very, very intrigued by this villain. In the comics and mythology, Hela is the daughter of Loki, so I am interested to see how exactly the MCU uses her and whether or not she will have a part to play in future Thanos story lines, a la Infinity Gauntlet. Plus, CATE BLANCHETT. I cannot wait to see her in this role. <3

4. Story
How? Seriously, how? How long has the Hulk been a gladiator god on this planet? How has Ragnarok come to Asgard? And -my favorite, which I found in a Facebook discussion- how does Asgard come under attack by Hela? Is it Loki's fault or somehow caused by his playing Odin and sitting on the throne?

5. Kirby Krackle
The first comics I ever read were some of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's original stuff, like Spider-Man back from Amazing Fantasy. Kirby Krackle, as explained in this great post by Dollar Bin, is basically how Jack Kirby drew unexplained energy in comics. While I've definitely noticed this in comics I've read, I would not have been able to peg it down, much less called it by name! Thor: Ragnarok is apparently the first movie to use if as an effect. ^_^

Admittedly, I've been staying away from more recent trailers, as watching too many spoils the story for me, but I have gotten over my initial "WHAT THE CRUMB WITH THE NEON?!" reaction from that teaser trailer way back when. Knowing now where the story takes place, I'm not miffed anymore that they're suddenly redesigning the Thor franchise. I'm actually pretty excited to see what's coming. Now I just need to find someone to go see it with me! (Seriously, it shouldn't be this hard...)

Consider this the official kickoff to the spur of the moment THE ROAD TO RAGNAROK, a collection of Thor, Loki, or Marvel related posts leading up to the release, culminating with my thoughts on the third Thor installment. (I will go see it all alone if I have to!)

Come back Wednesday for our next stop on The Road to Ragnarok, my review of the full run of Loki: Agent of Asgard.

*Recently I've been informed of my apparent misuse of the term 'bromance'. Guess this will have to do instead.

The Road to Ragnarok
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  1. O
    love your new design Amanda!!
    if it is grunge I ADORE IT!
    that's me grunge obsessed :)

    I can't wait for Ragnarok either! love everything about it! almost as much as I love your new design ;-)

    1. Yay! If it's grunge, than I guess I like grunge! XD I've also just loved the red, white, and black look.
      Oooh, ooh, ooh, we will have to talk Ragnarok then once we've seen it!