Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You Always

Am I really going to pass up the chance to geek about Star Wars? No way!

And this trailer, guys. I know it's been out awhile, but still. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS TRAILER.

Luke repeating those iconic lines gave me chills.

I still know next to nothing about the plot, but I really don't care, because this is Star Wars. This is the return of Star Wars and I'm so excited to enjoy a new trilogy and all the hype of release and the moment it hits the big screen, because I've never been able to fully experience this before. So many times I wish I'd been around when the first trilogy was originally released, just to be there, just to be part of it. Just EVERYTHING. And now I can be. I'm geeking out, guys. I'm so sparking excited!

But that last bit with Han and Chewie, 'We're home', that's it. That is IT! The rest of the trailer gave me chills, but that's when I cheered. Seeing that duo back together, on screen, this just got real, people.

I guess I know what I'm doing for my birthday this year. ^_^

Now for some random  
Amanda + Star Wars facts

I have only seen one Star Wars film in theaters. This was The Phantom Menace. It was the first Star Wars film I'd ever seen. I was thoroughly confused, I absolutely loved it, Liam Neeson was my first action hero, and I nearly strangled my aunt when she made a passing comment about how sweet little Anakin Skywalker grew up to be the big bad Darth Vader.
Yes, even at eight I abhorred spoilers.

I spent a lot of time addicted to Return of the Jedi,
but have finally conceded that the original is the best.

 I have been known to ride the Star Tours adventure
in Disneyland up to four times in a row, multiple days.
Before there was more than one adventure.
 Han Solo is my favorite.

I will always have a soft spot
for Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan.

i loved jar jar binks as a child
sorry. but it's the truth.

Before I even knew what Star Wars was, I always seemed to be walking in on other people watching it, and always at the exact same scene.
I have probably watched Han, Luke, Leia, and Chewie battle the trash compactor eight times more than I've seen the film.

Speaking of which...
These are pretty sweet.
And book readers can always use more bookends.

I adore this photo

And I still rock out to this song. So let's close this Star Wars day blog post out properly, shall we? Grab your lightsabers and your fake mikes.


  1. I saw The Phantom Menace in theatres as well, after having only seen the original on TV one night. I loved it too! Though I never became a big Star Wars fan I thoroughly enjoyed all the movies. I think it's too bad some people had too many specific expectations for what they wanted to see to just enjoy what we got. Sometimes hype can do more harm than good.