Friday, September 19, 2014

For the Love of Firefly

For the last several years, I've told myself I'm going to do some fun Firefly post on Unification Day -and then I forget. This is a day early, but it's basically a giant I-lurves-Firefly-so-much post.

Favorite Episode:

It's tough to choose. Obviously. But I have always loved, loved, loved Shindig. Mal and Inara, a duel of honor, Captain Tightpants, Kaylee and the poofy dress, the 'good man' speech -it's good stuff.

Favorite Character:

I can't choose. This is more than me being indecisive and horrible at picking favorites.  Every time I watch Firefly, my favorite character is different. First it was Mal, then it was Simon, next it was a constant tug-of-war between Jayne and Wash. Who knows who'll be next?

They all have such strong presence and personality, not just stereotypical, who can be self-contradicting, and they mesh and clash with different people, and there are so many interesting dynamics, and -and -all of the things! 

They don't agree. They're not all moral. They're not all immoral.

There are so many different personalities and views expressed here, and what I like is that no single view is favored. It's a very real and interesting look at how people are. Perhaps the confined space of the ship brings it out, or just the fact that it's an incredibly well-written show, but it is the characters that I love so much.

Firefly made me realize that I adore complicated characters, and it made me realize how much more interesting a story is with characters who clash frequently. Not argue, but clash for genuine reasons. I live for those protagonists who really struggle with things, who are divided, or just want what they can't have.

That is one thing I've always loved about this show.

The One Thing I Wanted to See

Everyone has that one episode or that one storyline they want more than anything to see played out, to know how it would end.

I'm all about conflict and awkward reunions. What I wanted to see was an unexpected crossing of paths between the Serenity crew and Gabriel Tam, Simon and River's father. With a possible connection of Simon's fist to his father's face. Perhaps several.

In the episode Safe, in the flashbacks when Simon tries to convince his parents something is wrong at River's school, I always got the feeling that deep down, Gabriel Tam knew that Simon was right. He knew something was wrong with his daughter, but he chose to believe everything was okay. What kind of repercussions would that decision have? What would happen if he saw River and what they did to her? How would he react? What would he do? How, what, why, why, why?

My feels hurt just thinking about it. Poor River and Simon. At least they have their crew.

I will leave you now to curl up with your favorite episode or take off in hot pursuit of some glorious Browncoat party, because I know some awesome person somewhere is totally having one.


  1. Stumbled on this post when I was doing a Google image search for "mal reynolds sword", because I wanted to use an image of him with the sword saying that he was "alright". So the image was perfect! Then I read your post and it made me remember how much I love this show (which is like, SOOOOOOOO much). It's my favorite show, and my favorite characters, ever! Time to watch it again, for the umpteenth time. Thanks for posting!

    1. Shiny! I'm glad I could help with the image and the nostalgia. And the decision to rewatch Firefly is always a good one. Thanks for stopping by! ^_^