Monday, March 31, 2014

Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello, hello! I'm looking forward to this new blog setup. It's so shiny. (You can take a look at my previous blog, soon to become a fairy land of writing quotes and an obsessive amount of TV gifs.)

Before we get too chummy, you probably want to know a little more about me. I am an aspiring author, working on an MG contemporary fantasy novel called Rodney and the Gonjii. And, yeah, okay, a few other projects.

Many avoid the word 'aspiring' in describing themselves as they feel it indicates a vain hope as opposed to work and dedication. The word aspiring has two definitions. The first is 'to seek to attain a particular goal'. From this definition, I can see why people veer from this choice. You could consider yourself as an author after publishing one short story; thus your aspiration is much more easily obtained.

I prefer the second definition. 'To soar to a great height.' 

I don't merely want to be able to dub myself Author and be done with it. I want to be an Author, but I also want to work hard, hone my skill, and soar to its greatest height. I want to become a Great Author.

In addition to writing, I read voraciously, and I review a lot of the books that I read over at my YouTube channel. My day job is a library clerk. It's pretty safe to say my life revolves around the written word. I am almost as obsessed with TV as I am with books, and will likely showcase some of my favorites here on occasion. Or often. I love corny jokes -the cornier the better. My favorite one is about these two birds named Pete and Repeat. I should also admit upfront that sometimes I do like the movie better than the book. Sacrilege!

Very nice to meet you.

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