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Scars & Memories | OD Ch 7-9 | Artemis Fowl Read Along

Happy Fowl Day! Thanks for joining me again for this week's discussion on The Opal Deception. Chapters 7-9 -take it away!

Chapter 7: The Temple of Artemis

Revenge was certainly sweet, but it was also a distraction.

This rings to me like 'first world problems'. Wow, Opal, you just have to take your revenge on my favorite motley crew, but actually enjoying that revenge is starting to cut into your day job? Seriously?

"I hardly think that qualifies you for sainthood."

This burn of Opal's, when Artemis is not-so-silently judging her for decorating her vehicle in animal furs, just tickled my fancy.

"And what is it this time?" Artemis asked mockingly. "Another orchestrated rebellion? Or perhaps a mechanical dinosaur?"

Of all the things to say, Arty, you choose a mechanical dinosaur? I love this kid. ^_^

"It may interest you to know that your chosen human name, Belinda, means beautiful snake. Also rather fitting. Half of it, at any rate."

I love when Artemis wants to get under someone's skin. He knows exactly what buttons to push and has no qualms whatsoever pushing them.

Riverdance. Ha-ha.

Artemis is underwater, oxygen deprived, and being tossed around by the current and he notices how it whips his legs around and this is what he thinks.

Is it bad that I love Artemis' sense of humor best when's he's delirious?

"I am really starting to dislike her," he panted.

Really, Arty? Just now? Only now?

On the one hand, this is just Artemis being Artemis.

On the other hand, it could also be argued that Artemis (in his current mindwiped, turned-back-to-his-criminal-ways state) has found Opal's behaviour and revenge perfectly understandable up to this point. Possibly because he can empathize with the loss of all she held dear and has so far judged the dished revenge deserved (which makes one wonder if Artemis has pre-planned any such scenarios should anyone ever threaten his family or the Fowl Empire) or perhaps he is just cross-referencing everything he knows about the pixie via Holly with the pixie herself.

"She may come to regret little touches like the underwater television, because it's things like this that give me the motivation to get out of here."

"If we make it throught this, we will be friends. Bonded by trauma."

While Holly is bemoaning that Artemis might die before he remembers their friendship, I find Artemis' response very sweet.

I need to exercise more than my brain in the future.

How many times does Artemis think this?

And how many times does Arty actually exercise?

And this is one of many reasons we relate so well to a child genius.

It should be easy enough. He'd climbed ladders before. One ladder at least. Surely.

This is something I love about Eoin's humor. Never mind their lives are in mortal danger/there's a mob of hungry trolls after them/what have you, there's still time for Artemis to realize he's never climbed A LADDER in his life before now and for Eoin to tease him about it.

"Nobody's that perfect. That's how I knew."

It's adorable to me that Artemis tried to fake remembering just to comfort Holly in their last moments. But that Holly is able to not only see through it, but to twist it into this important life lesson is one of the things I love about these characters.

Parents who never had the chance to be truly proud of him.

Foaly said the mindwipe wouldn't likely be enough to revert Artemis back to his book 1 self. While they were wrong on that, Artemis was continually plagued with guilt from his fairy-influenced conscience. From this, we can assume that, even if he didn't get his memories back, he would have chosen to become a hero.

On the other 
hand... This particular revelation is inspired by a life and death scenario, just as the previous decision had been in The Eternity Code (albeit not his own life and death, but Butler's).

Mulch can fart his way out of anything. ANYTHING.

Found on pinterest. Original attribution unknown.

And suddenly, in spite of everything, Artemis felt completely safe.

Artemis is still within the grasp of a herd of trolls. He is still underground, in a to-scale replica of the Temple of Artemis, placed there by a vengeful pixie who wants to see him dead. A PIXIE, because apparently fairies are real. And despite all of this danger, threat, and confusion, it is the mere sight of Butler that makes Artemis feel completely safe. 

Can I get an "awwwwww..."?

Times that Artemis almost remembers: 4.

Chapter 8: Some Intelligent Conversation

I have friends? thought Artemis Fowl the Second. I have friends.

I love that this is his biggest and most prevalent revelation when he finally gets his memories restored.

"Genius. Of course. Believe it or not, I actually missed that smug grin."

That's it, Holly; nothing says I missed you or welcome back like I actually missed that smug grin

Chapter 9: Daddy's Little Girl

Opal's plan...was one of simplicity in its execution, but genius in its conception.

In other words, your plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity, eh, Opal?

Middleman, anyone?

Holly studied her trigger finger. A faint scar circled the base where it had been severed during the Arctic incident. She could have healed the scar or covered it with a ring, but she preferred to keep it where she could see it. The scar was a part of her. The commander had been a part of her too.

The Irish boy felt the same thrill of rediscovery that a small child feels when he has chanced upon a lost favorite toy.

I really love this description of Artemis and his joy at regaining his memories and knowledge.

Artemis smiled to herself. It seemed as though good was a more powerful motivation than bad. Who would have thought it?

It might have taken the rise of a vengeful pixie as smart (arguably) as himself and the tragic death of Julius Root to give him determination, but Artemis has finally hit upon a grand truth that has so far eluded him.

Artemis was delighted at his bodyguard's astuteness.

Does anyone else picture Artemis beaming, his eyes shining, like a proud parent?

Just me?

Okay then.

"Seven and a half hours to save the world. Isn't there some law that says we get at least twenty-four?"

Ahh, don't you wish, Holly?

That's a wrap on my thoughts, but what did you think of this week's chapters? Share in the comments below.

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Next week, we'll tackle the last of The Opal Deception, so don't miss it!

January's reading schedule for The Opal Deception will be as follows:
Jan 18-24: Chapters 7-9

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